Motion Archive 2018

Mexico WUDC 2018

R1: THW ban all communication tech companies (such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Whatsapp, etch) from encrypting their users data, including the content of their communications, in such a way that the company cannot retrieve that data even under a court order

R2: TH supports job security legislation | Context: For the purpose of this debate, “job security legislation” refers to laws intended to make businesses fire employees less often. Its goal is to disincentives the termination of existing employees, whether the business employs an alternative individual to replace them or not. Example of this legislation include, but are not limited to, increased severance pay and detailed cause requirements for terminating employment. Protections against discriminatory termination or similar laws do not fall under this term.

R3: THW redefine the criterion for excessive force in the US to be any use of beyond what is reasonable given all the facts of the case, including the benefit of hindsight (e.g. whether the individual had a gun, not whether it was reasonable to believe he had a gun) | Context: The current criterion in the US as to whether a police officer used excessive force is whether he acted reasonably given his perspective at the time and without the benefit of hindsight. Academic research has shown that when using this criterion, juries consistently conclude that officers harming or killing black individuals acted reasonably in almost all circumstances.

R4: THW limit the amount of time that a museum can display a given piece of art to 3 months out of every 10 year period, rather than allow museums to display their works as long as they choose | Context: The art that you see in a museum typically comes from one of the following sources: i) that museum’s permanent collection that is always on display; ii) that museum’s permanent collection that is mostly kept in storage and may occasionally be displayed (the largest museums usually display as little as 5% of their collections); iii) pieces lent to that museum on a temporary basis by another museum; iv) pieces donated or lent by private individuals or institutions.

R5: THW allow citizens to vote on individual bills in place of their elected representative, with the representative retaining the voting power of those of their constituents who did not directly vote on that specific bill

R6: THBT all states should mandate that research on and use of CRISPR technology be exclusively carried out by institutions funded entirely by the state | Context: CRISPR is currently the only existing technology that allows cheap, fast, targeted gene editing in living organisms. It potentially allows for heritable changes  (changes that can be passed on from parents to their children), though so far very little research on such heritable changes in humans has occured.

R7: TH, as Iran, would cease all support for militant groups in the Middle East (e.g. Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthis, etc)

R8: TH prefers a world in which all individuals who have achieved a middle class standard of living choose to pursue the highest level of achievement in their chosen career, rather than a world in which those individuals prioritise day-to-day enjoyment over work

R9: THW not allow out of court settlements for workplace discrimination and harassment


IVED 2018

R1: Politics
1. For the betterment of the party, THBT the Clintons should leave the Democrats
2. TH regrets that political parties use revolutionary lingos to appeal to disenfranchised mass
3. THW remove the Goldwater rule

R2: Education
1. THBT graduates facing student debts should have the ability to demand debt relief from their almamater in case of long-term unemployment
2. THBT state should require top-tier academic institutions to publish their academic research in open platform, even if the platform allows piracy
3. You are a young, politically progressive teacher, with an interest in advocacy and activism. Assuming that your skillset would naturally lead to highly effective learning outcomes in both contexts, THW choose to work at an elite private all-boys schoo, instead of at a los-SES co-ed public school.

R3: International Relations
1. TH, as International Development Agencies, would allocate aid to countries based on their success in reducing inequality, as reflected in their Gini coefficient
2. THBT that the EU should suspend the voting rights of rich countries that refuse to take in refugees
3. TH, as Western Liberal Democracies, support Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s use of extrajudicial means to promote progressive values in Saudi Arabia

R4: Gender & Feminism
1. THBT that feminist should prioritize forwarding a universal vause that could affect all women rather than the most marginalized group of women
2. THBT the rising prominence of sexual freedom in non-western countries bring more harm than good
3. THBT employers should only be obliged to protect employees against discrimination of gender identity when there’s a reference to psychological expert

R5: Indonesia
1. THBT KPU should put politicians criminally liable for failing to deliver campaign promise
2. THBT Indonesian liberals should form an advocacy group for attempting to revise Pancasila
3. THW also introduce ‘death’ and ‘prolonged sickness’ as legitimate grounds to conduct trials in absentia

R6: Religion
1. As Christians, THW abandon the currently dominant interpretation of John 14:6
2. THBT major religions should no longer classify suicide as a sin
3. As Moslem leaders in Indonesia, THW acknowledge the legitimacey of, and advocate for the protections of Non-Sunni Branches (e.g. Ahmadiyah, Shia)

1. THBT pharmaceutical companies should be held civilly liable for opiate crisis
2. THW revoke license of business owners who refuses to serve customers because of their political ideology
3. In instances where viral social media posts directly or indirectly lead to cyber bullying, THBT individuals who posted and/or shared the post should be held criminally liable

1. TH prefers a world where company’s decision making (incl. but not limited to: product design, hiring & firing, lobbying politicians, etc) is made by an expanded list of stakeholders (icl. but not limited to: employees, consumers, etc) and not just shareholders
2. THW abolish all government schemes that provide grants, tax-breaks or loans at preferential terms to home buyers
3. TH regrets the globalization of supply chain


Alsa Unpad 2018

R1: Education
1. THW ban students executive body in Indonesia from expressing their political views (e.g. supporting or against policies, politician, or political party) that do not have correlation with tertiary education
2. THBT the March For Our Lives campaign should focus more on the abolition of gun ownership rahter than a stricter regulation of it
3. You are a top law graduate from a top-tier university with a strong background of pro-society. You are offered with two interesting jobs. The first is working in a well-known law firm with a well-paid income but has a minimum track-record of pro-bono. The second job offer comes from a legal aid organization with a significantly less pay than the first one, THW choose to work in a well-known law firm.

R2: Law & Governance
1. TH regrets the decision to give immunity to Robert Mugabe after resignation
2. THBT states should be held accountable for systematically giving unequal access of resources to ethnic minorities
3. THBT the revision of Indonesia’s criminal code should only be done through a popular referendum

R3: Indonesia
1. THBT the Jokowi administration has failed Indonesian progressives
2. THR Facebook’s decision to shut down FPI’s official Facebook account
3. THR the trends of opposition party that changes it’s stance into supporting the incumbent government in Indonesia

R4: Economics
1. THW impose an additional fee to gig economy users and use it to give work benefits (healthcare, insurance, etc) for the workers (Uber driver, etc)
2. TH celebrates the rising usage of cyptocurrencies (incl. but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum)
3. THW financially incentivize corporations to employ people who are non-university graduates

R5: Hollywood
1. THBT celebrities who participated in the #MeToo campaign should focus on criticizing Hollywood as a whole instead of ousting individual assaulters
2. THBT Academy Awards have responsibility to separate art from the artist
3. THR Casey Affleck’s withdrawal from the 2018 Oscars and supports a public apology from him instead at the awards

Octofinals: Movement
1. THBT progressive bloggers and YouTubers should create contents that emphasize facts and statistics supporting their cause rather than using rhetorics that appeals to emotion
2. THBT the rise of extremist groups on both sides of the political spectrum (ex: White supremacist on the right, antifa on the left) is beneficial to political discouse
3. TH regrets the inclusion of more white people inside Black Lives Matter campaign

Quarterfinals: Middle East
1. THBT the western democracy should actively seek to revoke de-Baathification policy in Iraq
2. As Hassan Rouhani, THW seek to build economical cooperation with Saudi Arabia
3. THBT Iran should obtain nuclear weapons


AUI 2018

R1: Arts
THW oblige all production studios to cast actors accurately to their character’s identities in the artwork (e.g. an LGBT character in the movie must be played by an openly LGBT character; a Chinese ethnic character in the TV show must be played by an actor of Chinese-descent)

R2: Sports
TH, as the US, would boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and encourage our allies to do the same

R3: Relationshit
TH regrets the overwhelming prioritzation of sexual compatibility in modern romantic relationships

R4: Movement
THBT the feminist movement should abandon the concept of intersectionality

Quarterfinals: Wakanda
Assuming it’s mutually exclusive, THBT African Nations should only align themselves to Eastern hegemony instead of Western hegemony


ALSA UI 2018

R1: Technology
1. THR the rise of potrayal of technology as a dystopia as opposed to utopia
2. THW ban social media companies from acquiring, utilizing, and selling their users data
3. THW nationalize the colonization of Mars

R2: Indonesia
1. TH, as Jokowi, would emphasize on pro-Muslim rhetorics for 2019 elections
2. TH, as Ahok, would return to politics after imprisonment
3. TH, as Indonesian government, would accept the Chinese offer to join Belt and Road Initiative

R3: International Relations
1. THBT the concept of sovereignty is no longer relevant
2. TH, as the US, would militarily defend the Kurds against Turkey for their Operation Olive Branch
3. THR the recent Western airstrike on Syria

R4: Economics
1. TH, as India, would drastically implement draconian taxation policies on both citizens and corporations
2. TH, as Silicon Valley corporations, would stop investing in China
3. TH, as countries that is drafting the new TPP would not invite back the US

1. THW embrace the post-work world
2. Your “one true soulmate” exists. There is a test that allows you to determine whether someone is your soulmate. You are in love with the person you have been dating for a while. THW take the test to determine whether the person you are in love with is your soulmate
3. You are a leader of a religion. An angel who has confimed that it is truly a Messenger of God told you that since now on, if you want to enter Heaven (a very good place), you must do evil deeds while good deeds-doing people will be put to hell (a very bad place). TH, as the leader of the religion, would start being evil and preach this new message.

Octofinals: Law
1. THW use reverse burden of proof in cases of rape
2. THW elect the US Supreme Court judges periodically
3. In cases of poverty-based crimes, THW take away the right of lawyers to reject juries

Quarterfinals: Movement
1. THBT the feminist movement should exclude trans-women
2. TH as the #MeToo movement will not blame Aziz Anzari
3. As environmentalists, THW actively campaign against environmentally friendly companies that have low labour standards

Semifinals: War
1. TH support the creation of EU Army
2. TH, as a new terrorist organization, would choose to remain as small splinter cells rather than binding together to take over land and establish a government
3. THW abandon International Humanitarian Law in combating terrorist

Grandfinal: United States
1. TH, as the US, would stop all hostility towards Russia
2. TH, as the US, would actively and aggressively respond to all forms of cyber attacks (incl. but not limited to utilizing economic sanctions, diplomatioc sanctions, and physical military attacks)
3. As Democrats, TH regrets Obama’s excessive use of executive order


English Parade 2018

R1: Movement
THBT environmentalsit should prioritize campaigning on individual actions (no plastic movement, etc.) over policy changes

R2: International
Assuming EU would accept, as Russia, THW stop being aggressive in Eastern Europe in exchange of economic sanction removal


Australs 2018

R1: Sports
1. That all world records in sports where doping was historically frequent should be wiped clean
2. That, as authorities such as the World Boxing Association and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, we would prohibit competitor trash talking
3. That we should select the players of national sporting teams by public referendum

R2: Education
1. That we regret the romanticisation of success stories in education
2. That western countries should stop offering university scholarships to family members of ruling elites in developing countries
3. That academic journals have an ethical responsibility to reject submissions that defend colonialism

R3: Economics
1. That we should replace progressive income tax systems with a progressive Zakat system
2. That we support governments using social impact bonds to address social problems
3. That we should cap the loan limits given by banks to the largest company to 10 times the loan limits given to the smallest company

R4: Gender & Sexuality
1. That progressives should campaign for the right to polygamous marriage
2. That we would prefer a world where everyone is gay
3. That women over 50 should be banned from accessing IVF (in-vitro fertilisation treatment)

1. That we should abolish village councils in India
2. That countries should impose tariffs on China in retaliation for the Made in China 2025 policy
3. That, as UMNO, we should maintain our ethno-religious centric political platform

1. That, as Disney, we would return to making animated films with darker themes
2. That we support film, TV and literature that depicts historical events being resolved for the worse (e.g. Germany winning WW2, the South winning the Civil War, etc.)
3. That entertainment platforms (e.g. Spotify, Netflix) should remove works from entertainers who have committed immoral or criminal acts in their personal lives

R7: Religion
1. That we prefer the portrayal of God as an imperfect being
2. That businesses should be allowed to deny services to customers on religious grounds
3. That we, as a religious leader, would focus on behaviour of the members of our religious organisation rather than the behaviour of non-members and broader social issues

R8: Justice
1. That individuals convicted for crimes that were later legalised should be retroactively released from prison (if applicable), cleared of all charges and compensated
2. That we should never prosecute individuals with low intellectual functioning
3. That criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats instead of elected representatives

ESL Quarterfinals: Medicine
1. That, assuming doctors could objectively quantify a patient’s pain on a scale of 0 to 10, they should be banned from prescribing painkillers to any patient below a 6 on the scale
2. That we should force pharmaceutical companies to allocate a percentage of their net income to research of critical diseases
3. That we should allow insurance companies to offer the terminally ill a 50% rebate on expected costs of end-of-life care in exchange for foregoing that care

EFL Grandfinal:
1. Assuming it will not be discovered, that the media should declare the attacker as a white, non-Muslim individual
2. That Ukraine should censor Russia’s fake news instead of debunking it
3. That we prefer a world where news institutions choose advertising instead of subscriptions as a revenue source


JOVED 2018

R1: Sports
1. THW exempt smaller clubs from UEFA Financial Fair Play
2. THW ban countries from using naturalized athletes in international tournaments (Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Euro)
3. THR the legalization of sports-betting

R2: Law
1. THW adopt Reverse Onus in cases of sexual harassment and rape
2. THBT U.S. Judges should be appointed by state rather than democratically elected
3. In countries where making false police report is a crime, THW give harsher punishment to false report fueled by racism (e.g. only menitioning physical attributes, describing behavior or languange associated with certain race)

R3: International Relations
1. THBT U.S. should withdraw their troops from Syria and commit on supporting Assad to stabilize the country (incl. but not limited to supplying Assad with military necessities in fight against opposition rebel groups)
2. THBT Dalai Lama should tell Tibetan to start a violent revolution against China for independence
3. As Arab League, THW abandon the Arab Peace Initiative

R4: Technology
1. THW ban patent on CRISPR
2. THW force company to surrender their collection of metadata and make the use of it exclusive to state
3. THW give tax breaks to tech companies proportionate to the amount of local employment they create

R5: Economy
1. TH, as emerging economies, would stop any attempt aimed at cracking down shadow banking industry
2. As U.S., THW cease all attempt of Trade Wars and continue to pursue Free Trade Agreements (incl. but not limited to TPP and NAFTA)
3. THBT Indonesia should join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

R6: Media
1. THS the participation of citizen in news fact-checking
2. THBT Mainstream Media should give out a portion of their revenue to an independent body that will channel it to alternative media
3. THW put cap on media corporations’ income

Octofinals: Movement
1. THBT Feminist Movement should stop campaigning on abolishment of porn and prostitution, and shift to advocating for protection of female workers involved in these industries
2. THS arts pertaining to minority that try to highlight the differences between minority and majority, over one that highlight the similarities
3. TH, as Black Women, would refrain and disassociate ourselves from Black Lives Matter

Quarterfinals: Politics
1. THW introduce empty ballots in general elections held in young democracies
2. THP a world where WW2 is depicted as ordinary inter-state war rather than the fight against evil
3. TH, as Democrats would push for the abolishment of ICE


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