Newbies Debating Competition

What is NEWBIES Debating Competition?

NEWBIES is an annual event held by EDS UI to celebrate the arrival of fresh debaters in varsity level. This event serves as a stepping stone for new debaters (novice / newbies) to get ready for further varsity debating competitions in the future as well as to open minds & opportunities to get firsthand experience in varsity debate. NEWBIES is tailored to create competition among fellow fresh debaters where you can all compete in the relatively similar starting point. As can be inferred from the brief explanation, NEWBIES will be held in the beginning of each new enrollment year, which falls around November. It will employ the Asian system (7-minute substantive speeches, 4-minute reply, with POI) and all motions will be impromptu. The fun part is that in NEWBIES you get to do your case build with experienced debaters who wish to proliferate debate by sharing their knowledge about tips and tricks in debating.

Why should YOU join NEWBIES?

For new debaters, NEWBIES will be a great avenue to start your debating career. You will meet new friends, perhaps future competitors while putting that debate skills in action. Who knows you might be on your way to have your first achievement as champion or as best speakers.

What’s cool is that you get the opportunity of having experienced debaters from various reputable debating communities to guide you during the case building sessions.

Who is eligible to compete in NEWBIES?*

Eligible participants are individuals who represent their educational institutions (universities and academies only) and are considered newbies in term of debating in varsity level. The term “newbies” includes individuals who never compete as varsity debaters in any varsity-level competitive debating tournaments (including who have registered as swing team)

*terms are subject to change

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