Founders’ Trophy

What is FT?

Named in honor of the founding fathers of parliamentary debating in Indonesia, pioneered by EDS UI initial members, Founders’ trophy was created by UI alumni in 2000. Conducted in November each year, this competition has since been known as the first and oldest British Parliamentary styled competition in the country. This form of tribute to our founders for their astounding effort in laying the first foundations of Indonesia’s critical thinking activity is still considered as the most prestigious BP tournament nationwide which always showcases the performances of debaters of high-quality from all around the archipelago. As part of our tradition, the EDS UI’s newest batch of each year served as the event’s organizing committee, also as means of acquainting them with the debating community, our founding fathers, and alumni (who also contribute in this event through motions or awards).

Why should I be challenged to join this competition?

Numerous exceptional debaters pool every year in this competition in order to discuss and debate up-to-date motions. To make it more rewarding, the Best Speaker of each competition will be awarded a book (donated by our alumni) which inspired the motion debated in that round. It is a great training ground for debaters from every background; starters, intermediate, and even alumni can exercise their minds and public speaking skills in this open tournament.


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