Our Events

As means of debate proliferation, EDS UI holds several debate-related events aimed to serve that very purpose. Consisting of competitions and seminar held annually, the events are as follows:

  • Founders Trophy’ (a British Parliamentary open tournament that everyone can participate in, from newbies to alumni – Founders’ Trophy is one of Indonesia’s most prestigious open debating tournaments to date);
  • Newbies UI (a tournament that employs the Asian Parliamentary format designed to introduce and proliferate varsity debating to beginner debaters – Newbies UI offers a coaching system where participants will be coached by senior debaters during their prep time before each round); and
  • Training in Rebuttals, Arguments, and Rebuttals (a debating seminar delivered by our distinguished alumni along with discussions led by our members).

We also often collaborate with Asians Law Students Association Universitas Indonesia in conducting ALSA E-Comp Debate Competition, also held annually. Aside from annual events, we also convene other prestigious debating tournaments such as JOVED and IVED from time to time.

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