Board of Executives: What Do Our Divisions Do?

Internals manages EDS UI’s internal relations: membership status, gatherings and bonding events, and member-to-member and member-to-alumni relations.

What do we do? We…
1. Select EDS UI members and routinely check on their membership status;
2. Conduct our membership inauguration;
3. Hold Pertemuan Umum Anggota (PUA) and Members’ Gathering; nd
4. Manage open recruitment for staffs; and
5. Conduct our training sesh for coaches with Training & Development.

Externals manages EDS UI’s relation with the outside world: posting our activities, events, achievements, and articles for the public to see; managing our Public Relations system; and distributing information from outside to our members and alumni.

What do we do? We…
1. Manage EDS UI’s social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line, and website;
2. Update EDS UI and the public via our social media accounts: our activities, events, competitions and achievements;
3. Provide debate-related articles for EDS UI members, alumni, and the public to view; and
4. Provide information to EDS UI members on issues related to adjudicating and coaching vacancies, job opportunities, and sponsorship.

Training & Development (or what we like to call T&D) manages affairs regarding our members’ debating and judging development.

What do we do? We…
1. Create the EDS UI training curriculum;
2. Hold EDS UI regular practices;
3. Hold EDS UI contingent selections for tournaments;
4. Conduct EDS UI One Day Training Camp for beginner-debaters;
5. Conduct our training sesh for our coaches with Internals; and
6. Manage EDS UI contingents: provide them with updates about their upcoming competitions and ensuring there are no internal contingent problems.

Projects generate income for EDS UI!

What do we do? We…
1. Conduct TRAP (Training in Rebuttals, Arguments, and Principles);
2. Conduct Founders’ Trophy;
3. Conduct Newbies Competition; and
4. Create EDS UI merchandise for our members and the public to buy.

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