ALSAUniversitas Indonesia, DepokEDS UI: Ida Uli, Adhy Poetra Al Hosen, Dyah Yasmina – CHAMPIONALSA UI: Agung Nugroho, Puguh Priambodo, Anas – Runner up

Trivia: EDS UI became 1st Runner Up for Regional Level, lost from UP or any team from Manila.


Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung

UI A : Puguh Priambodo, Adhy Poetra Al Hosen, Firlian Purwanti – Semifinalist (need verification)

UI B : (need verification)


Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta

UI A : Ibril, Rully Sandra, Dyah Yasmina – 1st Runner Up

UI B : Riena Dwi Astuty, Ebi, Sinta Satriana – Semifinalist


-in 1999, there were 2 JOVEDs, because Trisakti insisted to conduct it in the same year after UNPAR. That’s why starting from there, JOVED conducted in 2nd semester of the year, while IVED is in the 1st semester of the year.

-UI B lost from Atma Jaya in Semi Final.

-UI A lost from Atma Jaya consist of Aviva Nababan, Michelle Diah Lestari, Carmelita Cajumban.


Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya, Jakarta

UI A : Aryanti Rianom, Agung Nugroho, Ria Nuri Dharmawan – CHAMPION

UI B : Ida Uli, Adhy Poetra Al Hosen, Sinta Satriana – Quarterfinalist

Best Speakers:

1st – Ida Uli

3rd – Adhy Poetra Al Hosen

4th – Aryanti Rianom

Coaches : Bubu and Perry, Manager : Judithia Wirawan