Heated Debates at IVED

The oldest and one of the most prestigious national debating competitions in Indonesia is perhaps the Indonesian Varsities English Debate (IVED). It draws in competitors from all around Indonesia, from 1998 until now. This year, Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta was the host of this event. It was held from 13 to 17 January 2017.

The delegates EDS UI sent for this event are put into three teams. Adfikri Kevin Marvel (Social and Politics, 2014), Safira Majory (Economics, 2016) and Derril Pramana Tungka (Economics, 2016) as UI A. I Gede Sthitaprajna (Economics 2016), Andre Bundharsjah (Social and Politics 2013) and M. Aditya Padmanaba (Economics 2016) as UI B. Lastly, Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering 2014), Raisya Majory (Law, 2014) and Naufal D. Adam (Economics, 2014) as UI C.

After six preliminary debating rounds on topics varying from millennials to religion, and international relations to public health, all three teams made it to the Breaking List. UI B, UI A and UI C broke as third, thirteenth and sixteenth, respectively. Under the heading of “Legal”, UI A and UI C gracefully bowed out of the competition due to a split decision. UI B, however, kept on going. And after a heated debate under the heading of “(I think) I love you, you love me . . .”, UI B snatched the Semifinalist title.

Individual speakers also flourished in this year’s IVED. We congratulate Jana as Best Novice Speaker and 6th Best Speaker, Raisya as 2nd Best Novice Speaker and Andre as 3rd Best Reply Speaker.

We also sent three N-1 adjudicators to IVED. Those are Fadhilah Fitri Primandari (Social and Politics, 2016), Biani Masita Himawan (Engineering, 2016), and Fauzi Insan Estiko (Economics, 2016). They also achieved greatly from this event, all three of them received Breaking Adjudicator #19, #20, and #32 respectively.

IVED was an experience that we hope is going to keep pushing our delegates forward. To stay updated on EDS UI and our activities, give us a follow at Twitter under the handle @eds_ui. Also, our official LINE account @yiu7536f is where you should go to for information pertaining to our organization.

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