IAAS 2014: Raiding the Agricultural Debates

Sunday, 20 September 2014 marks the conclusion of the 2nd IDEA (IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture) held by IPB. The debating tournament, which focuses on agriculture-related motions, lasted two days, and this year it extended into an international scale by inviting ASEAN universities. UI was represented by two teams; UI A consisting of Tony (FISIP 13) and Ayu (FT 13), and UI B consisting of Boy (FH 11) and Gayatri (FISIP 13).
After three preliminary rounds, 12 teams were chosen to break into Semifinals and Pre-semifinals. Breaking 7th with 6 VPs, UI B had to face IPB B, UNPAD A, and UGM B in the Pre-semifinals, and unfortunately had to accept defeat from UGM B and IPB B, failing to make it into the Semifinals. On the other hand, UI A, breaking 4th with 7 VPs, headed straight to Semifinals with the other top 4 teams.

In the Semifinals, UI A prevailed over IPB B and UNPAD B, successfully making their way into the Grand Final, where they had to battle against UGM A, UGM B, and IPB A under the motion THBT all governments should lift heavy protectionist policies for agricultural products. UI A managed to snatch the co-2nd runner up title. 3 out of 4 UI delegates topped the best speakers list, with Ayu and Gayatri as co-8th best speakers and Boy as co-10th best speaker. Congratulations to all our delegates, and thank you for the achievements!

Bawor Cup 2014: Another Best Game

We came back to Purwekorto to compete in Bawor Cup 2014, it is one of the most prestigious debating competition in Indonesia using BP-format debate. This year’s Bawor has lured many known debating society from all over Indonesia including our house. It was held on 13th-15th of September in Universitas Jendral Soedirman, Purwokerto, where 24 teams competed for the championship title.

Due to the clash of date with Just For Fun Debate by our society, we only sent a team consisted of Terry M. (FISIP 2011) and Gabriel W. (Psiko. 2012) plus Ratna G. (FIK 2013) as N1 adjudicator to represent EDS UI.

Contrary with the condition at UI Depok where people laughed to all-Disney arguments, UI team faced a tough competition without any UI spectators and adjudicators. Notwithstanding condition, UI brought its best game to the stage. Ratna as N1 managed to be assigned as panel adjudicator for 3 consecutive rounds in prelims, though she didn’t break. UI team managed to break to eliminary round placed 2nd with 10 VPs and made its way to finals.
In the final round, UI acted as opening government had to defend the motion of “THBT Moslem leaders should actively oppose the concept of Islamic state” was facing EFEC Unsoed, Binus A, and UGM. The debate went so tough and resulted UI as first-runner up of the tournament. Eventually, both Terry and Gaby was tabbed as co-4th best speaker of the tournament. Though didn’t come home as champion, we’re still so proud of our members’ effort. We hope for more achievement in the near future.