Almost is Never Enough, But It Was Surely Amazing!

Asian British Parliamentary is a debate tournament in Asia level. It was conducted by Asia Pacific University in Kuala Lumpur on October 2015. There are so many teams competing in this tournament, not only from Indonesia but also from another countries in Asia. EDS UI is one of the participant in this tournament.

EDS UI sent 3 teams to Kuala Lumpur, UI 1, UI 2, and UI 3. UI 1 consist of Revaldi Wirabuana (EDS UI 2012) & Gabriel Charlotte (EDS UI 2012). UI 2 consist of Jessica Andriani (EDS UI 2013) & Andre Bundharsjah (EDS UI 2014). UI 3 consist of Aditya Padmanaba (EDS UI 2014) & Naufal Adam (EDS UI 2014). The N1 adjudicators are Noviyanti Gultom (EDS UI 2014) & Syifa Fajarini (EDS UI 2014).

UI 1 and UI 2 sucessfully reached the grand final. With the motion: THBT living people owe a moral obligation to preserve an equivalent standard of living for future generation. Both of them are in the opening bench.

Unfortunately, both of UI 1 and UI 2 can’t be a champion of this competition. But they can be the best speaker of the tournament, Revaldi Wirabuana (4th), Gabriel Charlotte (6th), Andre Bundharsjah (8th), and Jessica Andriani (10th).

Even if they can’t be a champion, they are still the best and amazing! You can watch their performance in youtube:
Go kick more asses! You are amazing, the ‘almost’ champion! (RSG)

EDS UI Triumphs Again at NEWBIES 2015

As part of EDS UI’s Trifecta along with Founders Trophy and Just for Fun, NEWBIES 2015 was held on 31st October – 1st November 2015. The Asian-format tournament has been well-known for its proliferation of debating for newbies through its unique style that provides each team a coach during the preliminary casebuilding time.
This year, EDS UI sent three teams for the competition. UI A consisted of Rachel Diercie (Humanities, 2015), Yunindita Prasidya (Social and Political Sciences, 2015), and Averina Edwina (Engineering, 2015). UI B consisted of Denny Adiputra (Law, 2015), Mendra Roberto (Economics and Business, 2015), and Febri Ariadi (Law, 2015). Last but not least, UI C consisted of Irfan Fadilah (Law, 2015), Prita Setya (Economics and Business, 2015), and Karin Rizky (Engineering, 2015). All three teams successfully tackled the preliminary rounds and made it to the breaking list, with UI A breaking at #1, UI C at #5, and UI B at #6.
At the elimination rounds, all of our delegates did us proud as they all passed the quarterfinals and claimed three out of the four spots in semifinals. The semifinals battle was between UI C v. UI A and UNPAR C v. UI B. At the end, it was UI A who made it to the grand final round, facing up against UNPAR C under the motion “As liberal democratic countries, THW cut off all aid to oppressive countries”. Debating as opposition, UI A emerged victorious and claimed the winner’s trophy for NEWBIES 2015.
Our delegates also did well in the individual tabulation. Snatching the 1st best speaker title was UI A’s Yunindita Prasidya, followed closely by teammate Rachel Diercie at 2nd best speaker and UI B’s Denny Adiputra at co-4th best speaker.
Another year, another great achievement by our youngest generation of debaters here in EDS UI. We hope you continue to thrive and gain even more achievements in your next debate competitions! (AYG)