Keeping the Temperature Low, Our Bars High

To open the second month of this year, EDS UI was given the pleasure to work alongside Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK), UNDP REDD+ Programme, and the Royal Norwegian Embassy to host the first ever Climate Week’s debate competition. In this event also known as “Festival Iklim” EDS UI organized the debate competition which is one among many events held to ignite discussions about climate change, raise awareness, and socialize COP21 Paris agreement.

EDS UI sent one team to Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) for the debate competition held from the 1st to 2nd February 2016. The team consisted of Qurrat Aynun Abu Ayub (Social and Political Science, 2013), Revaldi Wirabuana (Law, 2012), and Alif Azadi Taufik (Economics, 2014). After three preliminary rounds of debating about environmental issues, team UI broke first with a clean sweep.

On the second day, EDS UI smoothly made their way to the grand final after a win against ITB in the semi final. Finally, team UI had to face Universitas Parahyangan in the grand final with the motion “As Indonesian government, THW immediately ratify the Paris Agreement”. The motion stood and the victory was ours.

In addition to the second championship trophy this year, our debater, Revaldi Wirabuana topped the best speakers list and followed on second by teammate, Alif Azadi. Clearly EDS UI is all for environmental causes, and we’re also all about giving our best performances. Stay tuned to @eds_ui on twitter for more of us! #FestivalIklim

Breaking the Curse

Determined to break the reign of the infamous curse, all three EDS UI teams gave nothing but their all in this year’s IVED. Five years of being grand finalist should be enough to prepare EDS UI to steal back the championship title. Thanks to the power of hard work and dedication, it all finally resulted in a satisfying and not to mention, historical triumph.

It’s been eight years since we last championed Indonesia’s oldest and biggest debating competition, IVED (Indonesian Varsity English Debate), this year, Universitas Indonesia’s English Debating Society made the ultimate comeback by snatching both the champion and runner-up title in an all-UI grand final battle.

For the twelve delegates comprising of nine debaters and three N1s, the journey was emotional to say the least. On the 10th of January, after weeks of preparation, the delegates arrived in Parahyangan Catholic University ready to “kick asses and break legs”. Things were running quite smoothly for our delegates in the preliminary rounds. The breaking night drew a smile on everyone’s face as UI B ranked first, UI A ranked second, UI C ranked sixth, and N1, Siti Rizqi (Social and Political Science, 2014), emerged as a breaking adjudicator.

But that’s not all. The peak of this historical competition was the night when the grand finalists were announced. Hysterical screams filled the debaters’ hall as both UI A (Cara Riantoputra – Economics 2014, Jessica Andriani – Tourism 2013, and Gabriel Charlotte – Psychology 2012) and UI B (Qurrat Aynun Abu Ayub – Social and Political Science 2013, Kristi Ardiana – Law 2013, and Alif Azadi Taufik – Economics 2014) won their respective semi final rounds. It wasn’t just winning semifinals nor it was just gratefulness for proceeding to grand final, but it was an early celebration, for that night UI had already won IVED 2016.

Unfortunately, UI C (Rachel Diercie – Humanities 2015, Ayu Gayatri Sistiafi – Engineering 2013, and Anyssa Rizka – Social and Political Science 2014) had to end their journey in the quarterfinals after a defeat in a heated debate against UGM A. Still, the debate under the heading of religion was something to be proud of as it marked their success of going all the way to quarterfinals. It wasn’t a sad ending for the three as they got to cheer for their fellow delegates in grand final.

UI A and B continued to make us proud by making the grand final debate very exciting. UI A stood on proposition defending the motion “Assuming IS will accept, THW recognize IS as a legitimate state in exchange for stopping all terror and expansion efforts”. Finally, eight out of nine adjudicators voted opposition and the championship title was officially UI B’s.

In addition, all speakers of UI A and UI B made it to the top ten speakers. Alif Azadi Taufik was titled best speaker, followed by Gabriel Charlotte, Cara Riantoputra, Kristi Ardiana, while Qurrat Abu Aynun Ayub and Jessica Andriani ranked 8th and 9th respectively, and Rachel Diercie ranked fourth in the novice speakers tab. Other N1s Faizal Zulkarnain (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 2014) and Grady Christanto (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 2015) might not break this time but with all the works they’ve put into practice and the experience of IVED we’re sure they’re ready to seize the next competition.

We’ve broken the curse of five years being “almost there” and we won’t stop there. 2016 has just begun, there’s more to see from EDS UI. Follow @eds_ui on twitter for our live updates! #IVED2016