Still Counting

English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia (EDS UI) is inarguably one of the most contributive Indonesian debate club in international level. Having bagged a good record in competitions such as World University Debating Championship (WUDC), United Asian Debating Championship (UADC), Australs, amongst many others, EDS UI continues to strive in this year’s Asian British Parliamentary. This time the competition that unites the best teams throughout Asia is held not too far from home, which is in Prasetiya Mulya business school. The competition lasted from the 15th to the 22nd of October, accommodating six preliminary rounds and a category for English for Foreign Language (EFL) speakers aside from its main break.

To the competition titled “Jakarta ABP 2016” EDS UI sent three teams as well as two N1s. These lucky delegates are Kristi Ardiana (Law, 2013) and Jessica (Economics, 2016) debating as UI A, Adfikri Kevin (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) and Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering, 2014) debating as UI B, and last but certainly not least Aditya Padmanaba (Economics, 2014) and Andre Bundharsjah (Social and Political Sciences, 2013) debating as UI C. Joining them in rigorous trainings are N1s, Leonardi Andika (Economics, 2015) and Joshua Timothy (Economics, 2016).

All six teams sailed through all six preliminary rounds facing challenges from some of the top teams in Asia. It resulted in a sum of seven, six, and nine victory points for UI A, UI B, and UI C respectively. Thankfully, UI C managed to secure one of the four slots for the EFL finals and debate upon the motion “THW require prison labor standards to be at par with national labor standards”. Unfortunately, the journey had to end earlier for the rest of the delegation. N1s, Leonardi and Joshua, also had to come short from breaking this time. However, we are glad that they did get the wonderful chance to join the panel of adjudicators, also as chair, in judging teams from all over Asia.

Not all journey ends with a trophy, sadly, neither does this one. In spite of all, EDS UI can still proudly say that it does not diminish the amazing team that we are. With all the previous trophies at hand, we are confident that we will continue thriving and we will still be counting. Follow us on Twitter, @eds_ui, and our LINE Official Account, @yiu7536f, for updates of debating competitions! #ABP2016

Bilateral Relation

This would not be the first cooperation of EDS UI had, but it sure is worth the attention. This time CAUSINDY or Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth, in cooperation with telkomtelstra, invited us to join a bilateral debate on diplomacy. English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia had earned the opportunity to be a part of the of the discussion on bridging the relation between Indonesia and neighboring country, Australia. This one round of debate was held on 3rd September 2016 in telkomtelstra’s Jakarta office.

The motion for the debate is “(THBT) Economic diplomacy is more effective than cultural diplomacy as a tool to strengthen the Australian Indonesian bilateral relationship”. EDS representations for this exciting opportunity are Gabriel Charlotte (Psychology, 2012), Boby Andika (Psychology, 2009) and Roderick Sibarani (Economics and Business, 2009). Joining the excitement is the University of Sydney debate team who debated as proposition to the motion. The two teams contributed their analysis on economic and cultural diplomacy with the help of telkomtelstra in connecting the two countries.

Interestingly, we did not fly to Australia for this debate, nor did the University of Sydney’s delegation came to Indonesia. The debate between the two countries was made possible by telkomtelstra’s video call state of the art technology and outstanding network connection. You can find pictures of how the call was conducted in our Twitter as well as in CAUSINDY’s Twitter account.

EDS UI is very proud to be a part of the organization’s goal to sustain relationship between the two countries and to become a society who joins the discourses outside the debating chamber. We hope we can continue contributing and cooperating in the future. Let’s follow @eds_ui on twitter and add @yiu7536f on LINE for more exciting news!