Lovely Concluded Battles of AEO 2015

The annual Asian English Olympics (AEO) 2015 held by Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta has been concluded last Saturday (14/2). People were asked to wear their best Valentine’s Day outfits to witness the final rounds of various competitions they held, among which are debate and speech, where EDS UI sent the representatives.

We have two of our teams reaching the debate grand final. It was UI B (Breaking #13) which consisted of Magreta K. Adenta (Law, 2011) and Kristi Ardiana (Law, 2011) acting as the opening government. The other one was UI A (Breaking #2) which consisted of Gabriel C. Wajong (Psychology, 2012) and Terry Muthahhari (Social & Political Sciences, 2011) acting as the closing on the opposite bench of its fellow UI team. The other grand finalists were Miriam College, Philippines (Breaking #1) acting as Opening Opposition and Universitas Atma Jaya, Jakarta as Closing Government. It was very sad that we could not have all of our teams in final. UI C (Breaking #12) which consisted of Qurrat A. Abu Ayub (Social & Political Science, 2013) and Ayu G. Sistiafi (Engineering, 2013) had to ended their tough fights in quarter-final round.

AEO2015_SpeechWInnersThe debate upon “Assuming feasibility, This house would erase the memory of convicted terrorists and assign them new identities” was resulted on opening debate winning, placing UI B as the first-runner up and UI A as the third-runner up. Miriam College from Philippines was announced as the debate champion of this year’s AEO. Another good news were also coming from speech competition, where our Achmad Reza Mardian (Nursing, 2010) snatched the champion tittle and best prepared speech all at once.

On the individual tab, Magreta K. Adenta was on co-9th position. While Terry Muthahhari was on the co-2nd with a slight margin with his teammate, Gabriel C. Wajong who was placed on the top of the rank as the best speaker of the tournament. The Valentine’s Day was getting much lovelier along with the achievements brought home by our lovely delegates. (GK)
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IVED UI 2015 : A Challenge to Break the Spell


This year’s IVED has added one more grand final experience for EDS UI. Among several experiences being in grand final, it was our 5th time being a runner-up. We really hope we can break the spell and bring the trophy home, as we bring back the hosting home. But, we fell short for it in the battle with ITB C. We were supposed to defend the motion of regretting Joko Widodo’s refusal to grant amnesty pleas to other countries. However, we are still very proud of the very fine performances given by our grand finalist, UI A, which consisted of Gabriel C. Wajong (Psychology, 2012), Revaldi N. Wirabuana (Law, 2012) and Boy Al Idrus (Law, 2011). They have proven that EDS UI manages to maintain its grand-finalist quality, in this latest 5 years.

UI A entered the knockout rounds on #6 breaking. While UI B whose members were Monica Dwiyanti (Social & Political Science, 2013); Dinda A. Royhan (Social & Political Sciences, 2013) and Opi Aristya (Economics, 2012) were on the #7 breaking. UI C on the #13 breaking completed our delegation in knockouts. They were Jessica A. Liong (Vocational, 2013); Aldwin O. Wijaya (Law, 2014) and Colley W.T Buwana (Social & Political Sciences, 2010). Unfortunately, UI B and UI C had to end their fights in quarter-finals.

IVED2015_MainTopSpeakersOn individual speaker’s tab, two of our delegation members were listed as Top Ten. They are Opi Aristya on 8th position and Revaldi N. Wirabuana on 3rd position. Revaldi also added one more tittle as the Best Reply Speaker. On novice tab, the man from our youngest batch, Aldwin was placed on 4th rank, listed as the Top 5 Novice Speakers of the tournament. Meanwhile, on the adjudicator’s tab, we had 8 of our adjudicators breaking.

They are #1Dennys V. Kapa (Social & Political Sciences, 2010) who has successfully maintained his last year’s first breaking ; Our Worlds Runner Up, #2 Boby A. Ruitang (Psychology 2009) and #7 Roderick J.M. Sibaranie (Economics, 2009). Also #10 Kristi Ardiana (Law, 2013) and Ibrahim P. Indra (Social & Political Sciences, 2012). Among those are Hudzaifah Abdullah (Economics, 2013) and Andre Budharsjah (Social & Political Sciences, 2013), two of our N1 Adjudicators that broke on #14 and #40 respectively. While Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering, 2014) had a very good time being an N1 adjudicator even she had not managed to break this time.

That last daylight in January 2015 was not only the end of 6 days-battle on very challenging motions, but also has marked the end of EDS UI’s hosting for this year’s Indonesia Varsities English Debate. We are extending our highest gratitude to the participants, adjudicators, organizing committee and our advisors in the campus’ administration for making this happenned. Even the quote said, “Nobody is perfect”, some still believe that “Practices make perfect”. So does EDS UI, who would really love to practice hosting for more competitions in the future, to get it closer to the perfect level and also to always challenge youth in public discourse. (GK)

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