EDS UI Newbies Continue to Thrive at HAMED 2015

On the early weekend of 1st and 2nd of August 2015, Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA (UHAMKA) held their very first debating tournament known as HAMKA Education Debating (HAMED) 2015. The open British Parliamentary tournament is specifically held for newbies, which means those who have never debated or broken into quarterfinals of any national or international varsity tournament may join the competition.

EDS UI sent two teams of newbies for this debate. UI A consists of Gita Permata Aryati (Public Health, 2014) and Agung Romy Hasiholan (Economics and Business, 2014), while UI B consists of Noviyanti Gultom (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) and Syifa Fajriani (Social and Political Sciences, 2014). Our delegations have went through intensive trainings for their first ever varsity tournament, and we are proud of regenerating even more debaters from our youngest batch.

After three preliminary rounds, both teams successfully managed to break into the semifinals. UI A broke #4 with 6 VPs, and UI B broke #8 with 4 VPs. Elimination rounds came next and both teams proceeded into the grand final round. Under the motion “THBT adoption of new curriculum in schools should be subject to approval from the students’ parents”, UI B as closing opposition finally won the tournament while UI A as opening opposition snatched the title for 2nd runner-up.

Our newbies have also performed well on the individual tabulation, as all of our delegates are placed within the top ten speakers. UI B’s Noviyanti snatched the title of co-1st best speaker. UI A’s Gita Permata followed right after as co-3rd best speaker, and her teammate Agung Romy made it as the 5th best speaker. Syifa Fajriani is also successful, placing herself as the 10th best speaker.

We are incredibly proud of our newbies and we hope that with this new experience, they can continue to thrive in more debating competitions. (AYG)

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The live report of this competition is available at #HAMED2015

Our Youngest Batch Brought Home EDS UI’s 9th JOVED Trophy

EDS UI _ JOVED 2015 _ Champion (doc. Pribadi)

In the last June 23rd to 28th ,2015, one of the biggest three debating competitions- the classics, The 19th Java Overland Varsities English Debate (JOVED) 2015, was hold in Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. The delegation came home bringing up a victory, presented by UI A whose all members are from our youngest batch, 2014. They are Regina Cara Riantoputra (Economics and Business, 2014), Alif Azadi Taufik (Economics and Business, 2014) and Aldwin Octavianus Wijaya (Law, 2014). This winning claime our 9th times winning in JOVED which is also the highest record among other institutions all along the 19 years of its holding.

Photo by JOVED2015 OrgComm UAJY

Photo by JOVED2015 OrgComm UAJY

With a split decision of 4-1, UI A managed to pass the motion of “This house believes that the Arab League should consolidate to form a multi-sect army in order to actively fight ISIS” under the heading of terrorism, in a final battle against Universitas Gadjah Mada B, the fellow all-2014-batch team. This has made JOVED 2015 become special, since both of the team comprised of the youngest batch in their respective institutions. This brings up the excitement to see more names of bright-young talents creating legends in the scenes of Indonesian debating

The three teams we were sending, UI A, B, and C all successfully managed to break on the fist half to the elimination rounds after the hilarious debate in 6 rounds. UI A with a clean-sweep of 6VPS, followed by UI B on the 2nd rank with 5 VPs and UI C on the 6th rank with 4 VPs.Not stopping there, UI A, B and C continued their journey together until UI B and C very unfortunately had to end their awesome performances in quarterfinal. UI B was comprised of Kristi Ardiana (Law, 2013), Albert Santoso (Engineering, 2010) and Boy Al Idrus (Law, 2011). UI C –“the power puff girls” team was comprised of Monica Dwiyanti (Social and Political Sciences, 2013), I Gusti Ayu Sri Gayatri K.D (Social and Political Sciences, 2013) and Jessica Andriani Liong (Tourism, 2013).

On the individual tabulation, we claimed 4 places out of the Top 10 Speakers list. Albert Santoso is leading the tab with “Best Speaker” title. He is quickly followed by Regina Cara Riantoputra on the 3rd rank and his fellow team mates, Boy Al Idrus on the 4th and Kristi Ardiana on the co-6th. However, it is very sad that our N1 adjudicators fell shortly from breaking into the top 40 adjudicators. These great fighters were Naufal D. Adam (Economics and Business, 2014), Rini Yuliyanti (Public Health, 2013) and Robi Salamunef (Law, 2014). There were Gabriel Charlotte Wajong (Psychology, 2012), Dennys Victor Kapa (Social and Political Sciences, 2010), Roderick Jonathan Sibarani (Economics and Business, 2009) and Boby Andika Ruitang (Psychology, 2009) on the adj-breaking list, together with the Chief Adjudicator, Aulia Anggita Larasati (Social and Political Sciences, 2010).

By then, we would like to gratefully send our happy faces ending the first half of this 2015 debating season. Happy holiday and see you on the second half! (RSG)

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The live report of this competition is available at #JOVED2015

JOVED-2015-Group Photo