NNDC 2014: EDS UI Newbies’ Successful Shot at BP

National Newbies Debating Competition is a debating tournament held especially for novice speakers — those who had yet to break at a national or international level tournament, be it in the main category or novice category.  This year, it took place in State University of Jogjakarta and lasted for 3 days, May 16-18. Unlike EDS UI’s Newbies Competition, NNDC uses a British Parliamentary format, and there are no ‘coaches’ to assist the teams in case building during the preliminary rounds.  EDS UI sent three teams to compete in the 3rd NNDC, they are: UI A, consisting of Gayatri (FISIP 13) and Taufiq (FT 13); UI B consisting of Malikah (FISIP 13) and Mariha (FIK 13); and UI C consisting of Ayu (FT 13) and Zaif (FE 13).

UI A, UI B and UI C glided through the rounds successfully; breaking 4th, 2nd and 3rd respectively.  In round four, all three UI teams were in the same chamber, and it was quite an experience.  ”It reminded us of training sessions,” Gayatri recounted, “It was kind of awkward, though.  I didn’t have the heart to be too offensive, but at the same time I had the pressure to gain more VPs.”

Unfortunately, UI B had to end their fight in the quarterfinals.  UI C and UI A managed to snag the 1st and 2nd runner-up titles after battling against UGM A and Sadhar A in the grand final under the motion ‘THBT Nigerian government should release prisoners in exchange of missing girls.’  The achievements didn’t stop there.  Four out of the six speakers made it to the top ten best speakers list.  Ayu was co-1st, followed by Gayatri (4th), Malikah (5th) and Zaif (9th).  All in all, a very great performance for first-timers; we are proud of our newbies!

Regarding the experience, Gayatri confessed she was initially nervous because this was her first varsity competition.  ”It was especially nerve-wrecking to represent EDS UI, one of Indonesia’s debating powerhouses.  However, I feel that this is a great competition to start off with, because all the participants are at the same level.  There’s less of a shock and I can measure my development,” she said.

Glad to know you guys had a good time!  We look forward to having you as EDS UI delegates in future competitions.

2nd Atma Jaya Intervarsity: Keeping Up The Winning Streak

Three days of competition, sixteen teams, and 7 rounds have made the 2nd Atma Jaya Intervarsity memorable. UI sent three teams to this BP-style tournament held by Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta; UI A (#1) which consisted of Aulia A. (FISIP ’10) and Dennys K. (FISIP ’10) bagged 14 VPs, meanwhile UI B (#5) which consisted of Colley W. (FISIP ’10) and Zivana (F. Psi ’12) bagged 9 VPs by the end of the fifth which was also the last preliminary round, and allowing them to proceed to the elimination rounds. Unfortunately UI C did not pass through albeit the fact they collected 8 VPs. In semifinal, UI A won first position which made them more confident to win the trophy. Unfortunately for UI B (Colley and Zivanna), they did not break to the grand final. In grand final, UI A as OG proposed the motion of making politicians’ promises to be legally binding, facing ITB, UPH, and UGM A. It was a tough debate, but UI A managed to champion the Atma Jaya Intervarsity 2014! That’s the second trophy in a week after ALSA e-Comp 2014 and also UI’s second trophy from Atma Jaya Intervarsity. Three UI speakers–Aulia (1st), Dennys (2nd), and Colley (10th) topped the best speakers tabulation. Colley’s teammate, Zivana, and UI C (Rahmat Nugraha and Dinda Adhalia) also made a good effort by staying in Top 20 Best Speakers ranking.