EDS UI for IVED 2014

On the 10th to 14th of January 2014, debaters from all over Indonesia flocked to Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana at Salatiga to take part in the Indonesian Varsity English Debate (IVED) 2014.  For the 17th IVED, Universitas Indonesia sent three teams, consisting of UI A with Revaldi (FH 2012), Magreta (FH 2011) and Elvia (FE 2011); UI B with Terry (FISIP 2011), Albert (FT 2010) and Tanita (FH 2011); and UI C with Kristi (FH 2013), Monica (FISIP 2013) and Agung (FISIP 2013).  UI also sent three N1 adjudicators: Priscilla (FPsi 2013), Ireisha (FIB 2013) and Shaffa (FIB 2013).

IVED is held in Australasian format, with 8-minute speeches, no POIs, and six preliminary rounds.  All the teams’ hard work was appreciated by wonderful performances on breaking night, ranging from bands and modern dance to a traditional Kalimantan dance – which scared some of our debaters.  However, the good food and entertainment did not wholly diminish the tension in the air as the debaters and adjudicators wait for the results to come out.

UI A managed to break 2nd, bagging 5 out of 6 VPs while UI C broke 9th with 4 VPs.  UI B, with only 3 VPs, did not break.  However, they attained the second highest overall score during the preliminary rounds!  Our N1 adjudicator, Priscilla, joined 8 other UI adjudicators in the breaking adjudicators list; causing a quarter of the 35 breaking adjudicators to be from UI.  Ireisha also managed to become a chair adjudicator in round 6.  Great job to all our delegates!

Unfortunately, UI C’s journey had to end in the octofinals, losing against UGM C under the heading of Economy.  But it was an amazing accomplishment, considering the fact that the members of team C are all from our newest batch.  UI A successfully proceeded to the grandfinal, facing UGM A under the motion ‘THBT developing nations that receive aids and have uneven levels of development (such as India and China) should not be providing developmental aid to other countries.’  Apparently, this year the odds were not in our favor, and after an intense battle, UI A ended up as first runner-up.

Our delegates definitely did not come home empty handed.  Four out of the ten best speaker slots were filled by UI debaters, with Magreta as 5th best speaker, Terry as 6th, and Albert as 10th.   Kristi not only snatched the 9th best speaker position in the main list, but was also named Novice Best Speaker!  She said, “At first, I didn’t think IVED would be so fun.  But the challenging debate rounds, the friends, the laughter and tears made it a memory that I will never forget.  As a freshman, I learned a lot at IVED and I’m remarkably grateful for that.”

Congratulations for the achievements, we are proud of you!  And we look forward to next year’s IVED, which after a unanimous vote at the ICM is finally going back to where it started: Universitas Indonesia, Depok.


Indonesia for WUDC 2014

History is made! For the first time ever in history, Indonesian team championed WUDC EFL category! We would like to give our most sincere congratulatory to ITB A (Vicario Reinaldo/Fauzen Reza Maulana). Hopefully more Indonesian teams can get more awards in WUDC, especially for UI teams.

Chennai WUDC teams are back home with some news. After 9 preliminary rounds, UI A (Aulia Anggita/Elghafiky Bimardhika) resulted in 14 points, while UI B (Egalita Irfan/Roderick Sibarani) got 12 points. Unfortunately, both did not make it to ESL semifinals. Both teams were in ESL category; with less than 5 years of living in an English-speaking country during school age or studying in institutions where English is the instruction language. The minimum point to break into the ESL semifinal was 16. Close, but not enough. Not yet.

However, UI A and UI B did well on individual scores. In the top 10 Indonesian speakers, all four speakers are in it. Egalita Irfan (UI A) as 4th best with 679  points, Roderick Sibarani (UI A) followed as 5th with 670 points, Aulia Anggita (UI B) as 8th best with 666 points, and Elghafiky Bimardhika (UI B) as 10th best with 664 points. We are proud of this achievement and we know how much effort you have given to get those points. For that, they deserve some applause.

But even with the chaotic situations that we heard about Chennai WUDC, Indonesian teams seemed to really enjoy the tournament after all. While live streaming, I actually saw a group of Indonesian teams sitting in the front row to see EFL grand final to support ITB A. Good to see that! Hopefully next year Malaysia WUDC will be less chaotic and there will be more awards waiting for UI teams to bring home.