The Dynamic Duo

Wrapping up the last pages of the book of their debating life, two former EDS UI presidents made their way to NUDC Kopertis III. These amazing delegates are Gabriel Charlotte (Psychology, 2012) and Revaldi Wirabuana (Law, 2012). The two are the only ones representing EDS UI, accompanied by N1, Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering, 2014). The competition, that is the first step towards the coveted World Universities Debating Championship, was held on the 25th to the 26th of May 2016 in Universitas Kristen Indonesia and was a region-wide competition covering the Greater Jakarta area.

Debating for three British Parliamentary rounds in the preliminaries, our delegates always kept it up and consistently ranking first in all three rounds. The hardwork paid off when Gabriel and Revaldi were announced to be the first breaking team, N1, Regina, ranked 2nd, and as the cherry on top, Revaldi was crowned best speaker and his teammate, Gabriel, quickly followed, as co-2nd best speaker.

EDS UI pride filled the room as the delegates smoothly made their way to the grand final and the dynamic duo ranked first in both quarter and semi finals. The strive continued in the grand final as the former high school debate stars debated upon the motion THBT Indonesia should revoke TAP MPRS XXV/1966 as closing government.

Debating by their hearts, the two performed their best. After a heated grand final debate, the delegates got ranked second. Emerging as runner-up, the two gave us nothing but joy. We can’t wait to see their next performance! Join our excitement by following @eds_ui on twitter! #NUDCIII2016

On Top of Malang

It has been an interesting year where debate competitions get very dynamic and it becomes increasingly tough for debating societies everywhere to race up and stay on top. Testing our luck, on the weekend of 14th to 15th May, EDS UI sent two teams to English Fiesta British Parliamentary debate competition in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. The delegates are Alif Azadi (Economics, 2014) and Revaldi Wirabuana (Law, 2012) for team EDS UI A, and Matthew Hardhi (Engineering, 2014) and Amelia Anggarawati (Public Health, 2014) for EDS UI B. The teams debated four preliminary rounds on the first day, facing motions which headings ranged from arts to immigrants.

The teams raced to the top facing major debate powerhouses. After all the hard work put, Aldi and Alif from team EDS UI A made their way up to the top of the breaking teams list, ranking first and opening up a path to the quarterfinals. It was already a great achievement but our team must strive even harder to maintain their position and not to let it slip off their hands on the following three elimination rounds.

Unfortunately, Amel and Matthew from EDS UI B must end their journey before the second day of the competition. However, there was no need to mourn because they did get to cheer for their fellow delegates as EDS UI A made it to the grand final. Opening the debate under the motion “THBT US should cut ties with Saudi Arabia”, team EDS UI A gave their best.

Finally, the hard work paid off. The duo Alif and Aldi ranked 1st in the grand final, and was crowned champion of English Fiesta 2016. As the cherry on top, Alif Azadi won the best speaker award and teammate Revaldi Wirabuana followed closely ranking 2nd.
We are very proud of our delegates and we hope to see more of our finest in the upcoming competitions. If you are also excited for that, do follow us on twitter @eds_ui for live updates! #EnglishFiesta