UI for AUI

Three EDS UI teams went on an odyssey to Surabaya to take a chance on our very first AUI. AUI (Aku Untuk Indonesia) 2016 was a national-scale varsity-level competition held in Petra University Surabaya. The competition that started on March the 19th was a British Parliamentary debate competition of great challenges and experiences for our delegates. These amazing hard-working delegates are Stella Hie (Economics, 2013) and Winda Senja (Economics, 2013) for UI A, Noviyanti Gultom (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) and Syifa Fajriani (Social and Political Science, 2014) for UI B, and Agung Romy (Economics, 2014) and Siti Rizqi Siregar (Social and Political Science, 2014).

However, not all journeys must end with trophies. After four challenging preliminary rounds debating on tough motions on controversial issues and facing some of Indonesia debating powerhouses, our delegates came short from breaking. Nevertheless, we are proud that our delegates have put in great efforts and tenacity to add to this experience. With victory points of 7, 6, and 5 for UI A, UI C, and UI B, respectively, our debaters unfortunately must come home without a title. We are sure they will conquer more competitions in the future, thanks to the experience and lessons they have gained from this one!

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With the Pros, Against the Pros

To end the busy month of February, EDS UI sent three Pro-Ams teams to Universitas Padjajaran for ALSA UNPAD E-Challenge that lasted from the 27th to the 29th of February. This is the second year EDS UI utilizes ALSA UNPAD E-Challenge as an opportunity to transfer knowledge from our more experienced debaters to our new batch. That mission is obviously accomplished this year as our first-year members get the first-hand experience of the competitive debating world.

Not only did the ams get to join such a good quality competition, they also get to team up with seniors who helped them build up their skills. The teams are namely Aurora Maria (Economics, 2014), Gabriel Charlotte (Psychology, 2012), and Afifah Safira (Economics, 2015) for UI A, Irfan Fadilah (Law, 2015), Kristi Ardiana (Law, 2013), and Farah Shilla (Psychology, 2015) for UI B, and last but certainly not least, Averina Edwina (Engineering, 2015), Meuthia Larasati (Economics, 2014), and Andre Bundharsjah (Social and Political Sciences, 2013) for UI C.

After five heated preliminary rounds where the pro-ams had to face some major powerhouses, all three teams successfully broke into the elimination rounds. Team UI B broke ahead the other two with 4 VP positioned themselves on 5th. UI C and UI B quickly followed, with a VP of 4 and 3, they broke 7th and 10th respectively. The three teams battled it up in the octofinals, although unfortunately, only UI A got to go through to the quarterfinals while UI B and UI C had to conclude their fight as octo-finalists. However, UI A ended their journey in the quarterfinals after a debate against grand-finalist, Binus A.

In the end, of course, EDS UI didn’t come home empty-handed. Kristi Ardiana snatched the co-2nd best speaker and Gabriel Charlotte came home as the co-9th best speaker. Even without winning, our new batch definitely had learned a lot about the fierce debating world and they’re ready for the upcoming competitions! So keep updated with future competitions and events by following @eds_ui on twitter! #ALSAUNPAD2016