Our Newbies’ First Debut at The 4th National NDC 2015

NNDC 2015 - Group Photo

The 6 members of EDS UI from our youngest batch- 2014 were fighting in National Newbie Debate Competition in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, last May 22nd to 24th 2015. This annual BP tournament is their first fight in varsity-level debating tournament. For regeneration becomes a very important thing in our society, let us give you a sight on how cool this first experience been had by the next Indonesian debaters that we nurture.

UI B which is comprised of Raisya Majory (Law, 2014) and Nadya Ayu Riandini (Economics and Business, 2014) managed to finely be on the top of the breaking list with 14VPs, a nearly-clean-sweep one. M. Aditya Padmanaba (Economics and Business, 2014) and Meutia Ramadhina (Engineering, 2014) in UI A were smothly placed on the 5th rank with 10 VPs . Then nicely followed by UI C on the 11th rank with 9 VPs , whose members are Rizqi Siregar (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) and Rini Yuliyanti (Public Health, 2013). As the elimination rounds went, UI B and UI C had to end their fights in Quarter-finals. While UI A who managed to proceed to Semi-final, very unfortunately could not secure a slot on the Grand Final.

On the individual tabulation, the delegation successfully secured 3 spots on the Top 10 Speakers List. Raisya Majory was placed on the co-4th, then on the co-8th were Nadya Ayu Riandini together with Meutia Ramadhina. All and all, we wish to see their improved performance on the near future scenes of Indonesian debate. (GK)

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The live report of this competition is available at #NNDC2015

UI Championed English Fiesta 2015 in an Almost – All – UI Final


EDS UI managed to claim another championship title in the past month on 23rd – 24th May 2015. Our very own UI C, which was comprised of our senior member Terry Muthahhari (Social and Political Science, 2011) and Priscilla Tjokrowijoto (Psychology, 2013), successfully defended the motion “THBT ASEAN should abandon its non-interference policy with Myanmar” and triumphed within the nearly-all-UI Grand Final of English Fiesta 2015, a British Parliamentary national tournament conducted in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. But, our other teams were not willing to let UI C hog all the glory to themselves. In the grand final round, UI A, consisted of Regina Cara Riantoputra (Economics and Business, 2014) and Aldwin Octavianus (Law, 2014), managed to sway the judges to give a cross-bench winning to them and was crowned as 1st runner-up of EF 2015, thus defeating 2nd runner-up UGM A and the Grand Finalist UI B.

This year’s grand final round was a rare one that adhered to the Breaking List, which was topped by our own UI B, comprised of Alif Azadi Taufik (Economics, 2014) and Andre Bundharsjah (Social and Political Science, 2013), with an almost-clean-sweep of 11 VPs. They were followed by UI C and UGM A with 10 VPs and UI A with the highest team score in the 9 VPs bracket.

The breaking team announcement was quickly followed by the Top 10 Best Speakers announcement where all of our debaters successfully landed themselves in. The Best Speaker of EF 2015 was given to Terry Muthahhari. He was immediately followed by Alif which was co-2nd BS, Cara which was 4th BS, Aldwin and Priscilla which was co-8th BS, and Andre which was co-10th BS.

It was an exciting weekend for us, not only because we managed to pull another all-UI Grand Final and held the biggest institutional percentage of the Top 10 Best Speakers List, but also because we managed to prove that both our seniors and juniors are capable of defending or toppling any motions being thrown out to them. It’s clear that we have high expectation for our #EF2016 delegates. But until then, keep on debating everyone! (ITR)

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