Reigning at Regionals: NUDC Kopertis III

This year’s NUDC Kopertis III took place at Atma Jaya Jakarta Catholic University from the 17th to 19th of June.  Dennys (FISIP ’10) and Aulia (FISIP ’10) represented UI as debaters while Jessica (Vokasi ’13) was delegated as N1 adjudicator.  NUDC Kopertis is an annual regional selection to determine which institutions can continue on to the national level, and later on as representations of Indonesia at WUDC.  Thus, the competition is held in BP format.

UI managed to break 1st with perfectVPs of 9, not dropping a single point throughout the 3 preliminary rounds.  In the short two-day competition, Dennys and Aulia came out as champions after defeating UPH, Binus and Bakrie University.  The achievements did not stop there; Dennys was crowned best speaker and Aulia second best speaker, while Jessica succeeded to break fourth as N1 adjudicator.

We are very proud of our delegates!  We bid them congratulations, and good luck at the national level which will be held in Kalimantan where they will face other participants from the other NUDC Kopertis regions.

UI’s Mark in Asia

UADC is one of the most prestigious Asian parliamentary debating competitions in Asia. This year, it was held by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, from 25th May 2014 to 2nd June 2014. There were 120 debating teams coming from all over Asia participating in this competition.
UI only sent a team this year, consisting of Dennys Victor Kapa (FISIP ’10), Kristi Ardiana (FH ’13), and Elvia Sumayastra (FE ’11). They put up a very good fight; they became the second best Indonesian team throughout the competition by breaking 48th and bagging 4 out of 8 possible VPs. They were up against two powerhouses in Asia and managed to contend them very well; UI defeated two UT Mara (Malaysia) teams and lost in a very close debate against Ateneo de Manila (Philippines) after an adjudicator made a flip decision. Unfortunately, one of the speakers have spent quite some time living abroad, so UI was not qualified for the 2nd position in EFL breaking teams list. Dennys Victor became the top 30 debater in the Main list, making him the only Indonesian debater who reached that far in speakers’ tabulation. Kristi Ardiana did impress us as well by placing herself as one of top 10 Indonesian debaters. Eventually, Kristi and Elvia took positions in the top 10 EFL speakers’ list. We can’t be less grateful for sending this UI team to UADC 2014.
UADC 2014 Champion title goes to the host, Nanyang Technological University 1 (Aditya Mitra, Lu Huiyi, Vihasini Gopakumar), while the Best EFL Team goes to Universitas Gadjah Mada 2 (Erwina Salsabila, Nabila Aghniarizqa, Romario Tambunan). Last but not least, UADC 2015 will be held in Bali and UI’s Boby Andika will be one of the CAs! We sure hope to see UI and other Indonesian debaters to grab the champion title next year. Fingers crossed!