Corruption and Corporations

In the beginning of this semester EDS took a jumpstart by holding the first, of what is planned to be annual, Anti-Corruption Debate in cooperation with TOTAL E&P Indonésie (TEPI). Not only did we send a team to the competition, but we also sent a team of organizing committee and adjudication core to make it happen. This event was a Bahasa Indonesia debate under the theme of anti-corruption.

Leading the committee was Hana Ramadhanti (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 2013) who supervised the project that involves 12 teams on the 31st of August to the 1st of September in Pusat Studi Jepang, Universitas Indonesia. Arranging the motions along with TOTAL E&P were co-CAs Jessica Andriani (Economics Extension Program, 2016) and Averina Edwina (Engineering, 2015).

Also taking up roles as debaters were Aditya Padmanaba (Economics, 2014), Ibrahim Panji (Social and Political Sciences, 2012), and Dinda Adhalia Royhan (Social and Political Sciences, 2013). They won two out of three preliminary rounds, making them the second breaking team of the competition. Smoothly making their way to the grand final, EDS UI team concluded their performance with a heated debate under the motion “Dewan ini percaya bahwa perusahaan harus bertanggung jawab atas tindakan korupsi (seperti penyuapan) yang dilakukan oleh vendor/kontraktor yang memiliki kontrak kerja sama dengan perusahaan” as opposition against Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Finally, the motion stood, earning us second place on the competition. Luckily, all three speakers earned a spot in the top ten speakers, with Ibrahim Panji (Social and Political Sciences, 2012) as the overall best speaker. Dinda Adhalia Royhan (Social and Political Sciences, 2013) and Aditya Padmanaba (Economics, 2014) followed as third and fourth best speaker respectively.

We are proud of our delegates performance and our organizing committee’s amazing hard work that surely paid off! We are excited to join more collaborations in the future. Do follow @eds_ui on twitter and add @yiu7536f on LINE for more updates!

Welcoming the New Members of EDS UI 2016

We are proud to announce that this year we are welcoming one hundred bright and potential members who will soon become the new faces of EDS UI,

congratulation to the following names:

Abid Ar Robbani Faculty of Economics
Abyoso Hapsoro Nurhadi Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Adinda Fitriana Milasari Vocational Program
Adizsa Nurulhuda Faculty of Psychology
Adrika Novrialdi Faculty of Computer Science
Agnes Galuh Faculty of Law
Agrit Hastubinawan Faculty of Economics
Aldo Oktavianus Faculty of Economics
Alexandro Daniel Marthin Faculty of Social and Political Science
Ali Hertasneng Faculty of Economics
Amelia Rahmah Dini Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Andrea Theresia Faculty of Law
Angelique Dasma Marsauli Faculty of Economics
Biani Masita Himawan Faculty of Engineering
Cetta Adhipurusa Faculty of Social and Political Science
Clifert Thimoty W Faculty of Economics
Damar Fajar Tanjung Faculty of Computer Science
Danzel Aryo Soerjohadi Faculty of Economics
Denisa Eka Kusuma Facutlty of Social and Political Science
Derril Pramana Tungka Faculty of Economics
Dian Ramdania Faculty of Public Health
Diany Teksa Maharani Faculty of Public Health
Dirgahayu Maharestu Vocational Program
Diyang Risma Gabriella Faculty of Economics
Edwin Lawisan Faculty of Computer Science
Ella Stephany Marpaung Faculty of Social and Political Science
Ersyam Kelana Natsir Faculty of Law
Fadhilah Fitri Primandari Faculty of Social and Political Science
Faiza Khalifa Pancaputri Faculty of Law
Farah Ashila Balqis Faculty of Economics
Fauzi Insan Estiko Faculty of Economics
Fijra Tamriz Syamlan Faculty of Public Health
Fredrik Andrianto Faculty of Engineering
Ganda Jeremy Christopher Faculty of Humanities
Ghizadhia Amira Putri Faculty of Social and Political Science
Goldy Tanjung Wijaya Faculty of Engineering
Grecia Anggelita Faculty of Social and Political Science
Haekal Ariq Faculty of Medicine
Hannawanti Vocational Program
Hanzel Irawan Faculty of Pharmacy
Hapizatul Mardhiah Faculty of Public Health
I Gede Sthitaprajna Virananda Faculty of Economics
Jessica Faculty of Engineering
Jessica Alexia Jaury Faculty of Computer Science
Jordan Nehemiah Fiady S Faculty of Medicine
Joshua Timothy Faculty of Economics
Ken Feren Elana Faculty of Economics
Kerenza Doxolodeo Faculty of Computer Science
Kevin Gonzales Faculty of Engineering
Khairunnisa Ismah Lutfi Faculty of Economics
Komang Gita Premashanti Faculty of Economics
Legia Nurul Azmi Vocational Program
Leonardus Faculty of Economics
M. Ali Akbar Sabturil S. Faculty of Economics
M. Naufal Lubis Faculty of Engineering
Maratis Sholikhah Faculty of Psychology
Maria Zerlinda Susetyo Faculty of Economics
Marvel Hasiholan Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Mashita Fajri Maysuro Faculty of Public Health
Maulidia Annisa Hilmah Faculty of Psychology
Melani Ariena Putri Ramadhani Faculty of Medicine
Monalisa Andrimika Faculty of Engineering
Muhamad Dzaki Albiruni Faculty of Economics
Muhammad Agun Pratama Faculty of Law
Muhammad Faiz Zuhdi Faculty of Social and Political Science
Muhammad Mifzan Faculty of Law
Nabila Az-Zahra Faculty of Economics
Nabilah Hana Luthfiyah Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Nadia Iradianti Vocational Program
Nalia R. Ag Z. Faculty of Economics
Nanda Ayu Lestari Vocational Program
Novi Nurkomarini Jauhari Faculty of Social and Political Science
Novita Lee Faculty of Economics
Puteri Kartika S Faculty of Engineering
Qonitah Arya Sulthanah Faculty of Social and Political Science
Rahmi Tri Wahyutika Faculty of Social and Political Science
Rakha Gusti Wardhana Faculty of Social and Political Science
Ratna Aditya Apsari Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Retno  Rahayuningtyas Vocational Program
Risanda Adhi Pratama Faculty of Social and Political Science
Rizki A. Azhari Faculty of Engineering
Ryan Ongdrus Faculty of Social and Political Science
Sadha Satya Lotan Faculty of Engineering
Safira Majory Faculty of Economics
Salima Faculty of Psychology
Samantha Suryo Faculty of Engineering
Santi Valentin Malau Vocational Program
Shafira Nur Amalia Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Shedy Maharani Faculty of Nursery
Stanley Sebastian Faculty of Computer Science
Timuthy Er Maharani Faculty of Economics
Tubagus Akbar Ikhwandi Vocational Program
Vincent Jonathan Fleming Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Vino Lesmana Faculty of Humanities
William Nicholas Ganadhi Faculty of Psychology
Yandiaz Maulana Siregar Faculty of Law
Yasmine Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Yohana Fransiska Indriana Vita Sari Faculty of Social and Political Science
Yosef Benyamin Faculty of Engineering
Ziauddin Al-Muthahhari Faculty of Economics

All of the names above are obliged to attend the inauguration on Saturday, 24 September 2016. Please come at 7.30 for the re-registration, and be there at no later than 8.00 as the event will start by then. You will also be required to bring a registration fee of Rp 100.000,- and a candle. The venue will be announced soon both on our LINE (@yiu7536f) and Twitter (@eds_ui) accounts, so stay tuned.

Please bear in mind that the inauguration is mandatory. Failure in attendance will result in your membership being revoked. Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact Hana (081287910347).

See you in the inauguration!