This Year’s JFF!

This year’s JFF will be no less fun than last year’s movie-themed one! In 2014, we’ll have DISNEY for our theme and bring its imagination to UI, Depok. The motions will be related to Disney Cartoon and Disney’s Pixar animated films. One team can be consisting of debaters coming from different institutio; high school, university, and even workmates can join in the fun! We basically invite everyone to have entertaining, humorous debates in JFF 2014.

JFF 2014 Adjudication Core

We have Co-Chief Adjudicator, which consist of:

Opi Aristya

- Quarterfinalist of ALSA UI 2014
- Breaking Adj in IVED UKSW 2014
- Chief Adjudicator of KOMPeK 16 FEUI 2014
- Breaking Adj in Founders Trophy 2013
- Breaking Adj in JOVED UB 2013

Reza Mardian

- Grand Finalist of DNPI 2014
- Semifinalist of Petrogas Days 2014
- Breaking Adj and Novice Grand Final Adj in Bawor 2013
- Main Semifinal Adj of Founders Trophy 2013
- Breaking Adj in IVED UKSW 2014

Here are more detailed information about JFF 2014:

DATE: September 13th – 14th 2014
VENUE: Universitas Indonesia, Depok (further information will be announced later)
FORMAT: British Parliamentary, open system tournament
TEAM CAP: 24 teams 
REGISTRATION FEE: IDR 100.00o per team

1) Registration

JFF 2014 first phase registration is opened until August 22nd. As a reminder, since we have DISNEY as our theme this year, we require you to use Disney’s character name as your team name (for example: Mickey Mouse or Daisy Duck)
Kindly fill this form to register your team:

After you fill the form, our registration officer will notify you via email that your form has been received and you can proceed to the payment process. So you don’t have to wait until we release the main listed teams to pay, you can do it as you already get the notification email by us. Deadline of the payment is also at August 22nd.

We will release the main-listed teams (teams who already register and pay the registration fee during July 21st – August 22nd) at August 24th, and if we still have some slots, we’ll open the second phase registration.

2) Payment

Payment can be done to:

Bank: BNI

Bank Account: 03-0534-7073

Bank Account Name: Shaffa’ati Fadzrin

Registration Fee: IDR 100.000/team

We wish to see you around at JFF 2014, register your team A.S.A.P (we only have 24 slots) and let’s have some fun debates at UI, Depok! If you have any inquiries, contact Jessica at 087899800769 or kindly send your inquiry to

We look forward to having you in Depok this September!

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