Just For Fun Debate Tournament

What is JFF?

As its name suggests, Just For Fun Debate Tournament is where you can have two-days of debating fun motions in a rather laidback manner! It’s an open tournament in British Parliamentary format (7-minute speech, with POI). What’s so special about it is that you get to pair up with anyone you like! Be it your past teammate, your senior, or your peers ranging from High School students to alumni, even if you’re both not in the same institution.

What’s so fun about it?

Nearly everything! The motions are based on different themes each year. In 2011 we had Harry Potter as a theme (yes, the infamous story), in 2012 the debaters were challenged with fun futuristic motions (including zombies and apocalyptic scenarios) and in 2013 motions inspired by movies were debated (including Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Twilight, Total Recall and Elysium). And ensuing the fun debates, we now award the funniest speaker with a (funny) trophy!

What else is in it?

Cheap registration fee (> 100k / team) which includes certificate, lunch, snacks, and fun times! Consisting of preliminaries and eliminaries, the debates will take place in Kampus UI Depok for two days in the weekend around September. We won’t apply any N=1 or N—1 policy.

So join this competition if you feel like rendezvousing or wanting to try out fun motions with old or new partner and JUST HAVE FUN!

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