Regular Training

Regular practice is a weekly training for conducted twice a week by EDS UI, on Wednesday (16.00-18.00)and Saturday (10.00-12.00). As its name suggests, regular training is purposed to improve the debate skill of the whole members of EDS UI. We conduct regular training in our beloved headquarter, Pusgiwa (Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa).

There are two important agendas in regular training. First is matter sharing session and the second one is debate session. In matter sharing session, we will discuss about principles used in debate such as utilitarianism vs deontology, international relations principles, economics, and so forth. It’s not only about the definition of each principle, but we also discuss how to apply the principle in the debate and how to make an appealing elaboration of it. After the principle is scrutinized then we will have a debate session which topic related to the principle that have been discussed previously. The debate session is purposed to ensure that members can apply the discussed principle in the debate.

Who will lead the discussion? Coaches will be provided to guide each session. There will be two coaches for each training session. In matter sharing session coach will actively use interactive discussion to have transfer of knowledge regarding the discussed principles. However, in debate session, coaches will be adjudicators who give feedback for the debaters.

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