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The New Batch’s Trophy

In the spirit of opening opportunities wide for newbies everywhere, Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Ambarukmo Yogyakarta (STIPRAM) held their novice-level competition, NOTION. The competition that was specially designated for debate first-timers in varsity lasted from 26th until 27th of November 2016, marking the beginning of the few last competitions of the year. The competition was a British Parliamentary debate of four preliminary rounds where we sent three teams of new batch’s hopefuls.

EDS UI is glad that we were given the opportunity to extend the opportunity to six individuals who are Abid Ar Robbani (Economics, 2016) and Mar’atis Sholiklah (Psychology, 2014) for UI A, Karenza Doxolodeo (Computer Sciences, 2016) and Marvel Hasiholan (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 2016) for UI B, and lastly but certainly not least Khairunnisa Ismah Lutfi (Economics, 2016) and Damar Tanjung (Computer Sciences, 2016) for UI C.

These hard-working delegates rejoiced as all three of them broke into the elimination round with UI A, UI B, and UI C ranking 6th, 2nd, and 11th respectively. UI A who scored eight Victory Points made their way all the way up to the semi final, where unfortunately, they have to fall short from going to the grand final. The rest of the delegates, however, did manage to secure a place in the grand final of their first-ever competition in varsity.

This tale ended with a cherry on top as both UI B and UI C snatched the top two of the grand final, making UI C champion and UI B runner-up, bringing EDS UI to content. In addition, we have Deo (UI B) ranking 4th in the speakers tab, followed by teammate Marvel (UI B) who shared co-6th position with Atis (UI A), while Abid (UI A) joined them ranking 8th.

EDS UI can never be more proud for this achievements. We thank and congratulate this new batch members for opening a wide door of hope open for the bright future debating career, for this, we wish them luck! Follow our new debaters’ journey by following us on twitter @eds_ui and add us on LINE @yiu7536f!

Breaking Legs

Welcoming the month of November, English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia (EDS UI) flew to Yogyakarta to take part in, yet another, national British Parliamentary debating competition. Gadjah Mada Debating Tournament (GMDT) was a competition held on the 5th to 6th November 2016 where we sent four teams of committed delegates, half of them were to experience their first British Parliamentary debating tournament. The two-days competition consisted of four preliminary rounds and three eliminations.

The teams we sent this time comprise of Rachel Diercie (Humanities, 2015) and Yunindita Prasidya (Social and Political Sciences, 2015) for UI 1, Denny Adiputra (Law, 2015) and Averina Edwina (Engineering, 2015) for UI 2, Adfikri Kevin Marvel (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) and Syifa Fajriani (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) for UI 3, and last but certainly not least, Naufal Adam (Economics, 2014) and Muhammad Lolo (Law, 2014) debated for UI 4.

Facing challenging motions, the teams gave their best in the preliminary rounds. The hard-work pays off as all four teams broke into the quarter-finals with the standing of 10th, 11th, 14th, and 15th for UI 1, UI 2, UI 3, and UI 4 respectively, leaving them facing one of their own in two separate rooms. After a heated debate, it was UI 2 that was declared a semi-finalist. Unfortunately for the rest, the journey ended a tad earlier. However, it was not least a joy to have a part of their delegation debating on their behalf in the exciting semi-finals.

Eventually, UI 2 too, had to fall short from proceeding to the grand-final. It was nevertheless a thrilling experience and a great way to jump start an even more exciting debating life in the opportunities ahead. We congratulate the delegates for their amazing showcase of hard-work and wish them good luck for the awaiting endeavors! As usual, it’s never too late to follow us on twitter @eds_ui and add us on LINE @yiu7536f to embark in the EDS UI experience!