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To Infinity and Beyond

Every year English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia (EDS UI) is privileged to welcome many young and bright debaters who are loaded with potentials and determination. In the same spirit, we also celebrate the birth of many new debating hopefuls by having our annual varsity-level novice competition, that is, Newbies. The competition that jump-started many EDS UI’s debaters career in the varsity debate jungle was held from the 12th to the 13th of November.

In this occasion three teams debated, for their first time, on EDS UI’s behalf. These delegates are Derril Pramana Tungka (Economics, 2016), Fadhilah Fitri Primardari (Social and Political Science, 2016), and Yandiaz Maulana Siregar (Law, 2016) for UI A, Safira Majory (Economics, 2016), Farah Ashila Balqis (Humanities, 2016), and Ersyam Kelana Natsir (Law, 2016) for UI B, and finally Danzel Aryo Soerjohadi (Economics, 2016), Biani Masita Himawan (Engineering, 2016), and Fauzi Insanestiko (Economics, 2016) for UI C.

The three teams celebrated the hard-work-paid-off as they broke into the quarter finals with the standing of 1st, 4th, and 8th for UI A, UI C, and UI B respectively. Unfortunately, only UI A made it pass the quarter final. Fellow delegates cheerfully supported their mates as UI A smooth their way into the grand final.

Under the motion “THW abandon all attempts to integrate indigenous people”, the grand final debate was tense to say the least. After a long fight, UI A was announced to be one vote away from championing the competition.

The end of the competition did not have to be a let down as six of our delegates had the honor to be crowned top ten speakers in the competition. These delegates are Biani and Fauzi as the co-7th, Safira as co-5th, Fadhilah and Yandiaz as co-2nd and Derril as overall best speaker.

Regardless of the result, EDS UI is proud to say that we have all the faith and confidence in these newbies to achieve more and more, to infinity and beyond. Witness as they grow into becoming the rising stars of debating by following us on twitter @eds_ui and LINE @yiu7536f!

Debate and Repeat

In the incredibly busy debating season, the 2016’s Padjajaran Debating Championship was another round of challenge English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia (EDS UI) took on. The competition lasted in the weekend of 29th to the 31st November in Universitas Padjajaran as one of the well-known national British Parliamentary debate competition.

EDS UI sent four teams on its behalf. Team UI A consisted of Ibrahim Panji (Social and Political Sciences, 2012) and Rizqi Siregar (Social and Political Sciences, 2014), team UI B consisted of Adfikri Kevin Marvel (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) and Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering, 2014), team UI C represented by Agung Romy (Economics, 2014) and Matthew Hardhi (Engineering, 2014), while Naufal Adam (Economics, 2014) and Muhammad Lolo (Law, 2014) debated as team UI D.

After a great amount of hard work in training, the teams debated in four challenging preliminary rounds, facing an amazing line-up of motions ranging from family to referendums. The hard work paid off in a great range of ways as well. Team UI A and UI B made it to break ninth and fifteenth respectively, while team UI C and UI D must fall short from breaking.

Unfortunately, the journey ended after a great fight in the quarter-finals for the two. We are proud nonetheless of the four teams for wrapping up a great tournament. And it doesn’t end there, in addition to coming home as quarter-finalist, Ibrahim also snatched the co-8th best speaker award.

We commiserate our tenacious delegates for completing this journey. We are confident that in the many competitions ahead, we can continue doing our best, that is, kicking asses, breaking legs, and blowing minds. All it takes is to debate and repeat! Watch closely as EDS UI grow even bigger by following us on Twitter, @eds_ui, and our LINE Official Account, @yiu7536f, for updates via LINE! #PDC2016