President : Aulia Anggita Larassati /FISIP/ 2010 (Political Sciences)
Vice President : Rodrerick J.M Sibarani/FE/ 2009 (Accounting)
Secretary : Colley Windya/ FISIP/ 2010 (International Relation)
Treasurer : Ade Bimi Malidianti/ FE/ 2010 ( Accounting)

Internal Division

Coordinator : Elghafiky Bimardhika/ FE/ 2010 (Economical Science)
Staff :
Andrearto Saleh Perdana/ FT/ 2010 (Mechanical Engineering)
Anas Sijabat / FISIP/2011/ (communication science)
Nisrina Nur Amaalina/FE/2011 (Accounting-International Program)
External Division
Coordinator : Hana Hanifah/ FISIP/ 2010 (International Relations)
Staff :
Oktorilla Fiskasianita/FIK/2009
Magreta Kaila Adenta/FH/2011
Elisabeth Agatha Karisma/ FISIP/2011 (International Relation)
Funding Division
Coordinator : Agita Nalsalia Pinam / FE/ 2010 (Management)
Staff :
Dennys Victor Kappa/ FISIP/ 2010 (Communication)
Margaretta Shinta Magdalena/ FH/ 2011
Patty Regina/ FH/2011
Tito Nugraha/FE/2010/ (Management)
Tournament Division
Coordinator : Egalita Irfan/ FISIP/ 2010 (International Relations)
Achmad Reza Mardian /FIK/2010
Lisia Astari / FE/2011 (Management-International Program)
Florida Petrecia/FISIP/2010 (International Relation)

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