How to Join

EDS UI opens applications annually during the odd semester, around the 1st month of the academic year or, to be specific, around the time when the University Orientation (OKK) commences. In case you need any more encouragement to join, you can view our recruitment video!

Application Process

1. Interview

2. Essay-writing

3. Announcement

4. Inauguration


Who can participate?

People who are currently enrolled as students of Universitas Indonesia (Vokasi, S1, S2, S3, Regular, Paralel, KKI, Ekstensi)

Who are we looking for?

Students with the commitment, character and determination needed to be a qualified debater and to form a quality team. If you’ve had experience debating before, that’s great; if not, it doesn’t mean you’ll be considered any less in our eyes. We’ll assist you in improving your public speaking skills (English, manner, delivery, structure, etc.) and nurture your critical thinking (logic, principles, issues, etc.)

How can I apply?

Please follow these steps during Open Recruitment period:

  • Come to interview selection. We re very excited to meet you. Please drop by to our Headquarters in Pusgiwa whenever you are free. There will always be someone manning the interview room.
  • After the interview, do the essay. One of the EDS UI member will interview you, just answer the questions confidently :) . Afterwards they will give you an option of several topics, choose one topic to write your essay on. The requirements of the essay will be briefed after the interview. The sooner you do your interview, the faster you get the topic to write the essay. In other words, the faster you attend the interview session, the longer time you will have to write it.
  • Wait for the announcement. We will inform you on our website, twitter (@eds_ui) and also text message (SMS)



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