Board of Executives Job Description

Internal Division

One of the pillars in EDS UI, Internal is a division that responsible to keep the number of our members and increase their capability. But not only that, internal also the one that keep the harmony between member-member and member-alumni

1. Holding the regular practice (curriculum, absent, coaches) and knowledge management in EDS UI milist
2. Conducting Inauguration, Open Recruitment, and members-alumni gathering
3. Responsible for white-list members
4. Maintaining the rules and the requirements of intercomp

External Division

External division is a division that responsible to maintain our existence by posting our activities, achievements to our social media and website. Not only that, external also responsible for the distribution of information for our members and alumni.

1. Giving information to member and other institution through twitter, facebook, email, and mailing list; eds_ui, BE EDS UI, and Indodebaters.

  • Twitter and Facebook : Any kind of activity and news.
  • Milist BE and EDS UI : Information that are related specifically to external division’s.
  • Milist Indodebaters : Giving information of competition, debate seminar, and also congratulating new president of other institutions, using EDS UI email.

2. Responsible to all emails adressed to EDS UI (asking for coach, possible sponsors, etc)
3. Maintaining EDS UI web, post new event, result of competition, etc.
4. Giving articles related to EDS UI’s achievement to campus media, and outside media.
5. Searching for EDS UI related article in mass media and archieve it.
6. Creating newsletter that will be given to all members.
7. Sending articles about current trending phenomenon to mass media, made by seniors and alumni.
8. Creating web-debate of EDS UI, filled with opinion of an issue of EDS UI members, and is opened for public.

Training and Development Division

This is the division in EDS UI that select delegates by conducting internal competition
(intercomp) and conducting 3 distinct annual tournaments (Just For Fun Debate,
Newbies Debating Championship, & Founders Trophy)

1. conducting intercomp and CV selection (in urgent cases)
2. conducting annual 3 EDS UI’s tournaments
3. Managing the delegates (registration and helping assisting delegates reminding
to fulfill their bureaucratic process (like collecting the payment receipt)

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