IVED | Grand Finalist; 1st Best Speaker: 6th Best Speaker: 3rd and 5th Novice Best Speakers

AEO | Quarter finalist & Semifinalist ; 7th Best Speaker ; Co -9th Best Speaker; 1st Best Novice Speaker

ALSA UNPAD | Quarter Finalist; Octo-finalist

ALSA UI | Champion; Octo-finalist; 8th Best Speaker

Novice BP | Champion; 1st and 2nd Runner Up; Dominating TOP 10 Best Speakers List

LSPR | Grand Finalist; 1st  Best Speaker; 4th Best Speaker

NUEDC | Semifinalist; 1st Best Speaker; co-1oth Best Speaker

JOVED | Champion; 1st Best Speaker, 3rd Best Speaker, 4t Best Speaker

BAWOR | Champion ; 2nd Runner Up; Quarter Finalist; 3rd Best Speaker; 4th Best Speaker; 5th Best Speaker; 9th Best Speaker

PIMNAS | Quarter Finalist; co -9th Best Speaker

OIC | Quarter Finalist; 2nd Best Female Speaker Award

PNDC | Quarter Finalist; 4th Best Speaker

ABP | Novice Finalist; co-2nd Best Novice Speakers

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