IVED (The First IVED!)Universitas Indonesia, Depok

UI : Patsy Widakuswara, Puput (Not a real name), Agung Nugroho - CHAMPION

Best Speaker:

1st – Patsy


Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung

UI : Permata Harahap, Judithia Wirawan, Aryanti Rianom – 1st Runner Up


Universitas Indonesia, Depok

UI : Aryanti Rianom, Agung Nugroho, Puput (need verification) - CHAMPION

Trivia : they didn’t separate between high school and varsities. what happen then, sinta, nirwan, sissy met UI Team when they’re representing SMUN 1 Depok thus inspired them to enter UI and join EDS UI.


UI A : Patsy Widakuswara, Judithia Wirawan – rank 98th

UI B : Puguh Priambodo, Ria Nuri Dharmawan – rank 85th

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