Bringing Worldwide Recognition

Did you know that the first time EDS UI broke to the elimination rounds at the World University Debating Championship (alternatively known as WUDC or Worlds) was in 2006? That year, it was held in Dublin and we think that it kept fueling the spirit of bringing worldwide recognition to our organisation. Every year, EDS UI has been getting the chance to prove themselves in this international debating competition, also the world’s most prestigious one at that. WUDC draws in competitors from 250 universities originating from 90 different countries, though in the beginning, it started from a relatively small event.
First organised in 1982, like its name, WUDC has taken place in all over the world. The 2017 WUDC was held in the Netherlands from dates 29th December 2016 until 3rd January 2017. Consisting of nine rounds, EDS UI participated in it by sending our best delegates.

These delegates consisted of three debating teams and two adjudicators. Gabriel Charlotte (Psychology, 2012) and Revaldi Wirabuana (Law, 2012) were representing UI as team Indonesia A, Kristi Ardiana (Law, 2013) and Jessica Andriani (Economics, 2016) as team Indonesia B, and Cara Riantoputra (Economics, 2014) and Alif Azadi Taufik (Economics, 2014) as team Indonesia C. As well as Hana Ramadhanti (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 2013) and Raisya Majory (Law, 2014) as independent adjudicators.

EDS UI’s teams brought home great achievements. Indonesia A made it as ESL (English as Second Language) Quarterfinalist of Dutch WUDC. Indonesia B ranked 45 in ESL and rank 9 on the EFL (English as Foreign Language) team tabulation. Last but not least, Indonesia C made it to rank 49 out of 379 teams, being the highest ranking Indonesian team in history.

In this year’s WUDC, individual achievements are also deserved to be put under the spotlight. Gabriel and Revaldi both made it as 7th and 8th Best Speaker in the EFL category, while Alif broke as 8th Best Speaker in the ESL category. Our adjudicators, Hana and Raisya, also achieved immensely during this event. Hana was eligible to judge on the knock-out rounds, being one of the three Indonesian adjudicators to break. Raisya was placed as Chair Adjudicators in 5 out of 9 preliminary rounds, even though she did not break.

EDS UI is proud to be able to achieve greatly in a competition of this scale. These teams had faced strong competitors like teams from Princeton and Stanford, but still brought home achievements, new experiences and valuable knowledge. Follow our debaters’ journey by following us on twitter @eds_ui where we post live tweets. Also, more information on EDS UI and our delegates can be found on our official LINE account, @yiu7536f.

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