Time to Shine

A year has passed since EDS UI’s triumph in JOVED 2015, so this time we start fresh with a whole new gang of new players. This year, EDS UI extends our spotlight to more and more members. In the JOVED that’s held in Universitas Airlangga Surabaya, EDS UI sent two teams of three, they are Aditya Padmanaba (Economics, 2014), Rachel Diercie (Humanities, 2015), and Adfikri Kevin (Social and Political Sciences, 2014) for EDS UI A, and Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering, 2014), Siti Rizqi Siregar (Social and Political Sciences, 2014), and Agung Romy (Economics, 2014) representing EDS UI B. To the competition that lasted from 12 August to 16 August the teams brought along N1s Leonardi Andika (Economics, 2015) and Ahmad Sabili (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 2015).

The delegates went through months of rigorous training until they finally meet the line up of JOVED’s challenging motions. The delegates hit six preliminary rounds in two days and both teams made the breaking list. After bagging a victory point of four and three respectively, EDS UI A landed on rank 8 while EDS UI B was ranked 13. In addition to our achievements and EDS UI’s adjudicator pool, N1, Leonardi also made it as a breaking adjudicator.

The journey did not last longer than octo-final. Unfortunately, the two teams must accept defeat in the octo-final round. However, it should not be taken for granted that the delegates got to pack their bags as octofinalists and are ready for more competitions ahead. Luckily, that was not it, EDS UI A’s Adfikri Kevin also snatched the best novice speaker title.

We still congratulate our delegates on their hard work, personal development, and their wonderful time in Surabaya. Chins up delegates, your time to shine awaits! Follow the journey of these delegates by following @eds_ui on twitter and Official LINE Account simply by clicking http://line.me/ti/p/%40yiu7536f or search for @yiu7536f #JOVED2016

Stepping Up

After what probably feels like a lifetime of debating, Gabriel Charlotte (Psychology, 2012) and Revaldi Wirabuana (Law, 2012), made their way to National Universities Debating Championship 2016. Held in Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta, the competition that lasts from the 31st of July to the 4th of August brought together the cream of the cream of Indonesia’s debating. In this seven-preliminary-rounds British Parliamentary competition, the two debaters are accompanied by N1, Regina Dhamayanti (Engineering, 2014).

Hoping to open the gateway to the coveted World Universities Debating Championship, debating societies, and not to mention, powerhouses from all around Indonesia fought their way up the ranks. Battling the preliminary rounds, Gabriel and Revaldi were determined to sweep off the challenging motions and teams. Finally, after four days, seven rounds, and facing a lineup of top teams, EDS UI emerged as the third breaking team in NUDC 2016. N1, Regina also celebrated as she made the breaking adjudicator list.

The story does not end there, EDS UI still had to face the elimination rounds and heat up many more debates. After three more rounds of sweats and tears, their hard work and full on determination took them to grand final of NUDC 2016, securing a trophy and a spot in World Universities Debating Championship. Filled with joy and passion, Gabriel and Revaldi debated upon the motion “THBT separatist movements in Eastern Indonesia (e.g. Republik Maluku Selatan, Organisasi Papua Merdeka, Gerakan Sulawesi Merdeka) should unite, take up arms, and conduct a violent revolution to secede from the Republic of Indonesia.

The journey resulted in victory. The dynamic duo championed and crowned co-4th best speakers of NUDC Jakarta 2016. The runner-up of NUDC Kopertis III has stepped up the ladder to become the champion of National Universities Debating Championship 2016. We can’t wait for their next move in WUDC 2016! Join our enthusiasm by following @eds_ui on twitter and adding our brand new Official LINE Account by clicking http://line.me/ti/p/%40yiu7536f or simply search for @yiu7536f #NUDC2016