Facing the Legends

From the 18th to the 19th of June, the long-awaited Atma Open was held. Joining the excitement, EDS UI sent three teams to the British Parliamentary debate competition that was held in Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta. This time, it’s not just any team that we sent but we exclusively reserved the opportunity for our newest batch. These fantastic go-getters are Mathew Hardhi (Engineering, 2014) and Adfikri Kevin Marvel (Social and Political Science, 2014) for UI A, Mendra Roberto (Economics, 2015) and Zahrana Nadifa (Social and Political Science, 2014) for UI B, and Annisa Utami (Humanities, 2014) and Farah Shilla (Psychology, 2015) for UI C.

The competition consisted of four challenging preliminary rounds where the newbies came face to face with reigning champions and debate legends, including many EDS UI front-runners and alumni. The delegates have worked incredibly hard to survive the competition, unfortunately, this is not yet their time to shine. The journey must end early for the six tenacious delegates as they fell short from breaking.

The teams might not have won a trophy but they went home bearing many from what they have learned during the training and, of course, during their head-to-head battles with all the debate superstars. With this new experience we hope our new batch can continue honing their debating skills and be ready for the next competition! Are you also excited for another competition? EDS UI’s annual Trifecta is coming soon, keep an eye for it by following us on twitter @eds_ui #AtmaOpen 2016!

All Out and All International Relations

Opening the month of June, Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah held a two-days, six-rounds, debate competition on International Relations. As for EDS UI, it was our opportunity to hone our new batch’s skills on debating. Thus, we sent two teams of six delegates to the competition that was held on the 3rd to 4th of June. Those delegates are Averina Edwina (Engineering, 2015), Prita Setya (Economics, 2015), and Rachel Diercie (Humanities, 2015) for EDS UI A, and Matthew Hardhi (Engineering, 2014), Irfan Fadilah (Law, 2015), and Afifah Safira (Economics, 2015) for EDS UI B.

The delegates gave their best even though they had to face ups and downs throughout the competition. After three preliminary rounds and a great amount fun, both teams broke and proceeded to the elimination rounds. Team EDS UI A broke third, while EDS UI B broke fifth, both teams earned two Victory Points. Meeting various new faces in the debating world and descendants of debating powerhouses, the two teams had to work their way up to the grand final.

Unfortunately the quarter final round was only in favor of one of our teams. While EDS UI A proceeded to next round, EDS UI B had to accept defeat. We are, nevertheless, proud of all our delegates, and they too get to cheer up as we still have a chance to bring the trophy home. EDS UI A made it to grand final where they opposed the motion with the context “European Intelligence Services have successfully foiled a terrorism plot by Jihadists who seek to infiltrate Europe through pretending to be refugees” which brought the motion “THW actively suppress the information from European public”.

However the debate resulted with the motion standing. Even so, we are still happy that EDS UI A was crowned runner-up of the competition. In addition, Rachel Diercie from EDS UI A was rewarded best speaker of the competition. Winning or not, our delegates never come home empty-handed, but always loaded with lots of new knowledge and experiences. We are confident that this experience too, can be a great learning experience for our debaters’ next competitions. So stay updated to hear the next adventures of our new batch, follow @eds_ui on twitter! #IRON2016