Newbies 2014: Dawn of The Legends

Nationwide debaters gathered again in Depok, October 15th – 16th 2014 for another competition. Unlike other Asian-styled debate tournaments, it was a Newbies 2014 held by EDS UI and specially held to celebrate the green debaters to varsity level debating world. There were 38 teams attending the tournament even coming from Sumatra island and as the host, EDS UI sent three teams of our best newbies.

The teams were: UI A consisted of Anyssa (FISIP’14), Hana (FMipa’14), Aldwin (FH’14); UI B consisted of Regina (FT’14), Naufal (FE’14), Robi (FH’14); and last but not least UI C namely Andre (FISIP’13), Rey (FISIP’12), Elza (Farmasi’14). The preliminary rounds went so tough that our delegates faced some of the powerhouses’ newbies, but they managed to break to eliminary round with 3 VPs each and stood on 3rd, 4th, and 5th rank consecutively. On the next day, the fight was getting even tougher. All teams proceeded to quarter-final round; resulting UI B facing its schoolmates UI C. UI C at the end won and continued its journey in the competition. However, UI C’s fight then stopped because of Binus A team. The competition left only two teams to fight in the grand-final, they were Binus A and UI A. Acting as Opposition, on behalf of feminist movement, UI A was persistently defending the concept of marriage. The debate ended and adjudicators unanimously agreed that the motion fell and gave the trophy to UI A as the winner of Newbies 2014. That was not the only award, two speakers from UI A topped the speaker tab and shared the Best speaker award, Anyssa and Aldwin. Meanwhile, Andre and Naufal shared Co-5th position and Elza reached the Co-10th position.

A testimony coming from Anyssa said, “It was a very fun way to discover varsity debate and getting to know the new debaters from various universities.” It was a very good start for our newbies to light up their initial flame in debating world. We see a bright future of our community. We are very proud of you, newbies! Welcome to varsity debating!

GMDT 2014: Becoming Giants

Last Monday, EDS UI managed to snatch a trophy at UGM.  From the 18th to 20th of October, our delegates battled debaters from around Indonesia in the third Gadjah Mada Debating Tournament.  We sent 2 teams to Jogja, namely UI A with Odi (FE ’09), Ega (FISIP ’10), and Colley (FISIP ’10); and UI B with Terry (FISIP ’11), Aldi (FH ’12), and Gaby (FPsi ’12). We also sent Armiya (FT ’14) and Budi (FT ’13) to assume the role of N1 adjudicators.

After 5 preliminary rounds, UI A broke 1st and UI B broke 2nd, both with clean sweeps!  Facing UGM A (#8) and UGM B (#7) respectively in the quarterfinals, UI A managed to move on to the semifinals while UI B’s fight had to stop at the quarterfinal round.  Their loss was retributed by UI A’s unanimous triumph over UGM B in the finals, under the heading of Democracy.

Regarding the experience, Gaby said that she was proud and happy to be part of the delegation for GMDT, “As usual, I had a great time with my fellow delegates, both during the debate and during leisure time.” About the tournament, she commented that “I got to participate in high quality debates with high quality motions.  I realized that I had to defy my limits, seeing the level of competitiveness in debating society right now.”

Thank you, delegates, for bringing another trophy home! And congratulations to Odi for achieving the Best Speaker title, as well as Ega as 2nd best speaker, Aldi as 3rd, and Gaby as 9th.  Welcome back home, we are proud of you!