ALSA UI e-Comp is back again this year, and after an unrelenting fight coming from EDS UI’s delegates, we have successfully snatched the champion title of ALSA UI e-Comp 2015 for the 16th times.

Winning team UI A (#2) consisting of Cara Riantoputra (Economics and Business, 2014), Gabriel C. Wajong (Psychology, 2012), and Revaldi Wirabuana (Law, 2012) stood as team opposition in the Grand Finals. Debating under the motion THW remove any monetary punishment in law, they managed to topple down team UGM A (#1) and won the trophy.

Team UI B (#4 ) consisting of Zivana Sabili (Psychology, 2012), Priscilla Tjokrowijoto (Psychology, 2013), and Qurrat A. Abu Ayub (Social and Political Sciences, 2013) had also been extremely tenacious throughout the tournament, but unfortunately their journey ended in a very close debate at Quarterfinals. Despite that, we are incredibly proud of our delegates who have given it their all to reach their achievements.

Our N1 and independent adjudicators had also given great performances. Alif A. Taufik (Economics and Business, 2014) and Ayu G. Sistiafi (Engineering, 2013) are our N1 adjudicators who broke #7 and #8 respectively. Our independent adjudicators who also broke in the tournament are Aldwin Octavianus (Law, 2014) (#2), Gayatri Kancana (Social and Political Sciences , 2013) (#9), M. Aditya Padmanaba (Economics, 2014) (#13), and Raisya Majory (Law, 2014) (#17). The rest of our independent adjudicators are Robi Salamunef (Law, 2014) and Cindy Rahmadavita (Law, 2014) whom unfortunately did not break but have fought their hardest and did a great job as our independent adjudicators.

The achievements did not stop there as our delegates have also made it to the tournament’s Best Speakers list. Revaldi Wirabuana made it as the 3rd best speaker, with his teammates Gabriel C. Wajong as the 5th best speaker and Cara Riantoputra following closely as the 6th best speaker. Fellow delegate Zivana Sabili from UI B has also scored a spot in the list, placing as the 8th best speaker.

All in all, it was an awesome week at ALSA UI 2015 for EDS UI. We hope our delegates can now get their well-deserved rest after months of long trainings that finally paid off. Here’s to more achievements for next year’s ALSA e-Comp! (AYG)

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The 4th TRAP : Wear Your Thinking Cap, Learn How to Trap!

.jpg”>Logo The 4th TRAP 2015

On the last April 18th, 2015, EDS UI hold the 4th TRAP (Training in Rebuttals, Arguments, and Principles). It took place in Fasilkom UI. TRAP is the national debate seminar that has been held by EDS UI annually, since 2012. It includes seminar and focus group discussion. The issues that were brought in the 4th TRAP are about economics and artificial intelligence. The speakers and facillitators ouf TRAP seminar and focus group discussion are the fabulous alumni and members of EDS UI who have a lot of experience in debating world. They transferred their knowledge about debate and everything-including issues- that related to debate.

The speakers of 4th TRAP Seminar were really awesome, they were Melanie Tedja, Dayu Nirma Amurwanti, and Hisar Maruli Manurung, Ph. D. Melanie Tedja is one of our best alumni, she got many times best speaker title of Founders Trophy, IVED, Australian Intervarsity, etc. She was delivering a session about basic debating skills. Dayu Nirma Amurwanti is an awesome woman who has got so many champion title in IVED ITB, ALSA UI, etc. She was presenting 101 Economics- she is the master. Hisar Maruli Manurung Ph.D is the lecturer of Universitas Indonesia and also one of the EDS UIs founder. He shared a lot about artificial intelligence and technology-related-debate.

4th TRAP 2015-participantsAfter the seminar, participants went for the focus group discussion. The participants were divided into 4 groups and each group consist of approximately 20 people. The facillitators of first group were Anastasia Sijabat, Hudzaifah Abdullah, and Alif Azadi; The second groups facillitators were, Kristi Ardiana and Baim Panji Indra; The third groups facillitators were Priscilla and Terry Muthahhari; and the last groups facillitators were Gabriel Charlotte and Aldwin Octavianus,. This Focus Group Discussion provided access to the participants to learn more about debating, in a more relax setting of discussion as well as question and answer.
The 4th TRAP also had a lot of prizes for participants. The best question for every seminar session was given a prize, also winners of a quiz in the beginning of the event and right before the closing. The other prize also goes to the best tweet using hashtag #TRAP2015.

It really was a fun saturday to spent with everyone wearing their thinking caps and learn how to “trap” the opponents in the charm of our speech.
See you on next year’s TRAP! (RSG)

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