TRAP 2014

Aloha debaters! EDS-UI will be holding the one and only debating seminar in Indonesia, the 3rd annual Training in Rebuttals, Arguments, and Principles (3rd TRAP) on Sunday, May 11 2014. The event will be held at Kampus UI Depok, and will last from 8AM to 6PM and this event will be opened for high-school up to varsity students and general audiences who want to improve their argumentative skills!

Just like last year, we are going to have exceptional keynote speakers, namely several EDS UI’s finest alumni. We are more than sure that you will never find this kind of opportunity to learn from these people in one place, in any other seminar! These are people who have experienced debating for years, and joined international and national competitions, and even better ever won the title as Champion in international level. They will be delivering the seminar on principles, continued by thorough focus group discussions on constructions of arguments and rebuttals. All of these are guaranteed to improve your argumentative skills and advance your debating skills.

Last year, we had Mahardhika Sadjad, Melanie Tedja and Ahmad Naufal Da’i. This year’s TRAP? Of course it will not be less interesting than the last.

One among three on this year’s list is Riza Aryani (EDS UI 2008), currently a researcher.

She was:

  1. Champion of Korea Australs Intervarsity Debating Championships 2011 ESL category
  2. 3rd Best Speaker of World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) 2011 EFL category at Botswana
  3. Quarterfinalist of WUDC 2011 ESL categorybest speaker of IVED 2010
  4. Best speaker of NUDC 2012.

She will be delivering matter regarding “Feminism”.


What’s in it for you?

You will be briefed about current issues in debating in regards of the principle. So you will get a grip on how to use the philosophy and practicality at the same time. Even better, they are going to be disseminated to you by experienced debaters! Next up, you will gain thorough explanations regarding arguments and rebuttals during focus group discussions, and you will get the chance of applying the knowledge on the spot. So prepare to bid farewell to not-so-well-analyzed arguments, hung cases, not-offensive-enough rebuttals, and lack of contextualization! Also included in your payment are lunch, snacks, convenient locations, and a certificate.



All you got to do now is register yourselves by sending a text message to Tony (082147763456) by the following format: Name, Institution, Phone Number, Email. Make sure you give us your full name because it will be used for your certificate. Once you have sent the text message concerning your participation, we will contact you by text/email to confirm your registration, then you can proceed to the payment phase.


How much does it cost?

This year there will be three different phases of registration with different fee.

  1. Early bird (lasting until March 31)               : Rp 75,000,-
  2. Pre-sale (April 1 – May 10)                           : Rp 85,000,-
  3. Ticket on the spot                                           : Rp 100,000,-

Sure it is more beneficial for you to do the registration as soon as possible. Please note that we have limited seats, so hurry secure your slot!


Where to transfer the registration fee?



Stella Hie


Please do transfer the registration fee after you’ve received a notification from us.

Afterwards, scan and send the transfer receipt to





For any further inquiries, we will be thrilled to help via twitter (@trapedsui) and contact person (Tony: 082147763456).


We look forward to your participation!





EDS UI for PetroGas Days Debate Competition

The 3rd PetroGas Days Debate Competition held by Chemical Engineering Department, Universitas Indonesia commenced at 7th to 9th March 2014. Though it was the third time, but this yearPetroGas Days Debate competition was the first time it soared to debating world. Successfully intriguing Indonesia’s debate society, many power houses and debating socities were lured to make their way to Kampus UI, Depok to participate in this BP-styled competition.

As a host, UI sent three teams to fight the battle namely UI A (Elvia Sumayastra & Terry Muthahhari), UI B (Ari Kurnia & Imam Taufiq) and UI C ( Ibrahim Panji & Reza Mardian). UI A and UI C managed to enter the eliminary round but failed to compete in grand final round leaving the fight to UGM teams and ITB teams. From the first get-go, UGM A (Erwina Salsabila & Thoriq Murthado) showed the eagerness to win by grabbing 12 VPs after 4 rounds of pre-eliminary round. Eventually the team snatched the trophy after defeating its schoolmates UGM B (Alif Satria & Nabila Aghniarizqa) and other teams ITB A (Jane Revevalin & Vicario Reinaldo) and  ITB B (Fiski Aditya & Aulia Widyaputra). The winners also topped the speakers’ tabulation list.

Though it wasn’t a good time for UI delegates, but EDS UI debaters managed to be placed as 9th (Elvia Sumayastra) and 10th (Terry Muthahhari) on speakers’ standing list.