Asian BP 2014: Another Mark in Asia

We were back to Asian BP this year. It was conducted in a city named after an animal representing luck, Kuching – Sarawak Malaysia from October 4th to October 8th 2014. It was the 6th year of ABP and it still had its strong power to lure many powerhouses from all over Asia such as NTU, NUS, IIUM, and UT Mara.

Last year, we managed to proceed to EFL Grandfinal. To contend our luck this year, we sent three our best teams to compete in Borneo ABP 2014. UI A consisted of Magreta (FH 2011) and Terry (FISIP 2011), UI B consisted of Gabriel (FPsi 2012) and Boy (FH 2011), and last but not least UI C with Zivana (FPsi 2012) and Roberto (FH 2009) in it. Just as important, we had two N1 adjudicators sent along with them, Ayu (FT 2013) and Stella (FISIP 2009). We were so proud to announce that Boby (FPsi 2009) who was invited adjudicator in Beijing ABP 2013, becoming part of A-Core this year.

ABP is never an easy game; this year was not an exception. On the preliminary round, our delegates faced several Asia powerhouses, namely UT Mara, NTU, IIUM, Yale-NUS. Tough game, but UI teams showed their notable performances throughout the rounds. After 5 prelim rounds that had the results revealed; UI A, UI B, and UI C had bagged 9 VPs, 6 VPs and 7 VPs respectively. Eventually, UI A broke 2nd and UI C broke 6th to the EFL category. Condolences to UI B who didn’t manage to break to eliminary round but good job and we’re so proud nonetheless.

On the Semifinal, UI A and UI C were on the same chamber fighting for the Grandfinal spotlight along with Macau University and Tokyo University on the motion to put surveillance cameras on police officers on duty, a follow-up to the recent Ferguson case. The odd only favored UI C to proceed to the Grandfinal round. The history re-did itself, by having only one UI team fighting in the Grandfinal. UI C failed to snatch the EFL champion title of ABP but it was a great performance.

Besides that, our speakers managed to top the tabulation of EFL Category. We had Magreta being crowned as the Best Speaker of the category and Terry followed right behind her as the co-2nd best speaker. It was such an experience for our debaters being exposed to international competition and strive to become the stars. We hope for more of learning and success to come in the near future!

NDC 2014: Champions At Last!

On an ordinary Monday, September 29, 2014, in Bandung, an extraordinary thing happens! After rounds of debating, UI team championed NDC 2014!

National Debate Competition is a British parliamentary debate tournament held by the economic students of Universitas Padjajaran. This year, UI sent 3 teams, consisting of UI A (Boy Al-Idrus and Tanita Dhiyaan Rahmani), UI B (Revaldi Nathanael Wirabuana and Gabriel Charlotte Wajong), and UI C (Winda Senja Wedari and Malikah Ambarani). UI B broke 3rd, which allowed them to proceed directly to semifinal. Meanwhile UI A broke 7th so they had to go through pre-semifinal first. Unfortunately, UI C did not break, stood very close to the other team that broke last (only a speaker point apart). But we are more than sure they’ve given their best performance and had their share of improvements. Chin up, Winda and Malikah!

Later on Monday, UI A and UI B met at the final, along with UGM and ITB A. They were debating a motion about the establishment of ASEAN Economic Community. UI A was standing as OO, UI B as CG. It was a tough debate, but UI B managed to win the debate at last! The 1st runner up is UGM, and UI A is the 2nd runner up. As if things couldn’t get any better, our current President, Mr. Revaldi topped the speaker tab. Following him, Gabriel stood proud as co-3rd best speaker and Tanita as co-10th best speaker.

Congratulations to all our delegates! We couldn’t thank you enough for making us proud.