NUDC: Dominating Nationwide

A very good news, everybody!

Last week, National University Debating Championship 2014 was held in University of Batam. As regulated, each university is only allowed to send one team. So EDS UI sent Dennys Kapa and Aulia Anggita, who (drum roll please) happen to be the winner of NUDC 2014! Yes, you hear it right, fellas! UI is finally taking the title to Depok.

This title was grabbed after rounds of British preliminary debates that put UI team as the first breaking team–which also means securing DIKTI sponsorship for WUDC. They mostly won first and second positions throughout the 7 preliminary rounds. And then finally, in grandfinal, they grabbed the NUDC trophy after defending the motion “As Indonesia, THW significantly invest in its domestic armament industry” as Opening Government. That, and a Best Speaker title coming from Dennys Kapa! His teammate, Aulia Anggita, stood proudly as the 3rd Best Speaker, which is also very, very impressive.

As if things couldn’t get any better, we also have good news coming from Jessica, our N1, as well. She managed to be the highest rank NI throughout the competition. Add another good news from NUDC and our life is complete, seriously.

Last but not least, hats off to other three teams that also made it to the grandfinal. Congratulations, Binus, Sadhar, and UGM!

EDS UI Open Recruitment 2014

It’s that time of the year again! EDS UI’s opening up slots for new recruits! So for those of you who have been hesitant to join EDS UI last year, and of course, for you freshmen, this is a chance of a lifetime you wouldn’t want to miss.

It’s fine if you’re yet to be fluent in English, haven’t been thinking critically, or if you’re still having jitters when speaking in public. It’s fine if you’ve never debated before. That’s because we’re going to habituate you with exactly those skills! If you’re still uncertain of what you’re up for, check out the “About EDS” tab in this website, then click on “How To Join”. You’ll find our recruitment video there where you’ll find what our members, founders, and alumni have to say about our beloved community!

Just come to our headquarters in Pusgiwa (located behind Stadion UI, near Kutek; if you’re taking bikun, stop at PNJ bus stop, Pusgiwa is less than 5 minutes walk from there!; if you’re taking sepeda kuning, you can find a bike shelter right in front of Pusgiwa)!

During the 8-19 September, we will be welcoming you in our headquarters and interview you. Make sure you come during one of the weekdays, between 09.00-17.00. You get to choose when you’ll be coming because our members will standby in Pusgiwa during those hours. The interview will only take about 10 minutes. Afterwards, we’re going to ask you to write an essay based on the topic that we will inform you right after you have done your interview. The deadline for the essay is September 19, so the sooner you come for the interview, the longer time you’ll have to work on your essay!

So, we’ll see you in September future debaters!




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